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Shaykh Muḥammad Ādam al-Atyūbī on the Strongest View Regarding Contagion

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Tuesday, Apr 30 2024
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Shaykh Muḥammad Ādam al-Atyūbī (d. 1442H) (رحمه الله) is a contemporary scholar, from the scholars of ḥadīth, dedicated to teaching the books of ḥadīth. He has authored dozens of works including explanations of Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim, Sunan al-Nasāʾī and various works in the science of ḥadīth and fiqh.

Just like Ibn Hajar (رحمه الله), the Shaykh (رحمه الله) stated that the strongest view regarding the matter of contagion—after listing all the various interpretations used to harmonise the texts—is to take the ḥadīth as it is, upon its apparent, upon the negation of contagion in principle. Further, that the directive given by the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) to avoid the leper, being a recommendation for the weak, is out of protection of creed, to prevent circumstances in which people may start having evil opinions and start believing that sick people “transmit” their disease states to others, which the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) explicitly negated, putting an end thereby, to unwarranted fear, superstition, incorrect statements (of “transmission” and “contagion”) and irrational behaviours.

This is to be understood in the same way as the prohibition of consuming alcohol and committing fornication, and then prohibition also of the means and avenues leading to it (sitting where alcohol is consumed, being alone with a non-maḥram woman, free-mixing), which indicates perfection of law and guidance, it prohibits a thing and prohibits also the avenues that lead to it. Thus, there is the negation and prohibition of harbouring belief in contagion, and then directives are given (for the weak to avoid the leper) to prevent circumstances where that belief may arise due to the same misconception of the bedouin and the Pagan Arabs.

In his commentary on the Sunan of al-Nasāʾī, on the ḥadīth of no contagion, the Shaykh (رحمه الله) mentioned six views regarding approaches to harmonisation of the texts, the sixth of them being:

Acting upon [the view of] negation of contagion, in principle, in its totality (aṣlan wa raʾsan), and carrying the command to avoid [i.e. the leper, and keeping sick camels away from healthy camels, and not advancing to a land of plague] upon the [goal of] protecting [creed] and closing avenues [to its corruption]. This is so that it does not [occur] that the one who mixes, falls ill [coincidentally], thinks it was due to mixing, and thereby affirms the contagion which the legislator negated.

Then, he (رحمه الله) said:[1]

قَالَ الجامع عفا الله تعالى عنه: عندي الأرجحُ منْ هذه الأقوال هو الذي حققه أصحاب المسلك السادس، وهو الذي تقدم عن أبي عبيد، وابن خزيمة، والطبري، والطحاوي، والقرطبي، ولخصه الشيخ ابن أبي جمرة فِي كلامه الأخير.

The compiler, may Allāh the Exalted pardon him, said: In my [view], the strongest of these statements is the one critically established by the people of this sixth approach, and it is the one that has preceded from Abū ʿUbayd, Ibn Khuzaymah, al-Ṭabarī, al-Ṭaḥāwī, and al-Qurṭubī. It was summarised by Ibn Abī Jamrah in his latter speech.

وخلاصته أن حديث "لا عدوى" عَلَى ظاهره، وأن الأمر بالفرار منْ الْمَجْذُوم محمول عَلَى الاستحباب؛ خشية أن يتفق له المرض، فيقع فِي سوء الظنّ بأنه إنما حدث له بمخالطته للمريض

Its summary is that “There is no contagion” is upon its apparent meaning, and that the command to flee from the leper is carried upon recommendation, out of the fear that the illness may befall him coincidentally, whereupon the evil opinion arises in him that it happened due to him mixing with the ill person.

وأما منْ كَانَ قويّ اليقين، وأنه لا يُصيبه إلا ما كتبه الله تعالى عليه، وأنه لا عدوى، فلا بأس بمخالطته، للمرضى، منْ المجذومين، وغيرهم

As for the one who is strong in certainty, [and of firm belief] that nothing will afflict him except what Allāh the Exalted has written for him, and that there is no contagion, then there is no harm in him mixing with the ill, among the lepers and others.

فبهذا تجتمع الآثار المختلفة فِي هَذَا الباب. والله تعالى أعلم بالصواب، وإليه المرجع والمآب.

Through this [explanation], the conflicting narrations are harmonised in this topic, and Allāh the Exalted is most knowledgeable of what is correct, and to Him is the return.

Most contagionists, both among the non-Muslims and Muslims, find it astounding that “contagion” and “transmission” of disease can be denied, especially in the modern era. However, this was the same reaction of the bedouin when he heard the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) make those declarations, “Nothing transmits what it has [of illness] to anything else.” He found this to oppose what he considered to be an undeniable physical reality seen with his own eyes and remonstrated that a sick camel mixes with a herd and makes them all ill. So the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) notified him of his error in a subtle and concise manner, which is to ask him how the first camel got sick with scabies, without any prior camel. This was an indication of his error of confusing coincidence with causation, which is the foundation of the contagionist’s misconception, among other things.

The contagionist is unable to prove any alleged “transmission” of disease from one entity to the rest, and that all of the sick were not equally affected by the same causes due to being in the same household, or in the same habitat or environment, at the same time, and thus became ill at approximately the same time period. Thus, this is a presumption about Allāh’s decree and His actions. Hence, the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said to the bedouin, “Who (or what) gave it to the first one?” Just as the first got sick without any prior camel, then so did the rest, meaning they were all equally subjected to the causes of disease, from their food, drink, habitat, and environmental conditions.

When food poisoning occurs from spoiled food, or improperly cooked meat, and many people get sick with diarrhea, nobody says that the first person to get sick transmitted his diarrhea to the rest. No intelligent person says that. It is the same with other illness such as colds, influenzas (which are seasonal), leprosy, the plague and so on. Similarly, people, or animals or plants, in the same time and place, can be subject to population level factors (food, drink, weather, seasons, environmental exposures), which coupled with individual level factors (state of health, vitality, dietary habits, lifestyle) can lead to outbreaks of disease among a subset of the population. The notion that there was one initial entity that became ill and then spread its illness to the rest via “transmission” and “contagion” through mutating Darwinian viruses in the crucible of evolution is from ignorance.

Upon that, to explain the Prophet's negation of contagion and to harmonise the texts, the affirmer of contagion, having fallen victim to the same misconception of the bedouin, came with the explanation that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) was only negating the contagion allegedly believed in by the Pagan Arabs, that contagion occurs outside the decree of Allāh. This explanation is weak since the Pagan Arabs were affirmers of al-Qadar, believing that both good and evil are from it, its denial was unknown among them. Rather, they used al-Qadar as an argument to justify their polytheism, as occurs in the Qurʾān (6:148-) (16:35-), indicating they were inclined towards al-Jabar. It is inconceivable that they use al-Qadar to defend their polytheism, having firm belief that all good and evil is from al-Qadar, and then assert that contagion, or indeed, anything else, occurs outside of Allāh’s decree.

With respect to the Pagan Arabs and their belief that the occurrence of rain is connected to the stars, Shaykh Sulaymān Āl al-Shaykh (رحمه الله) made clear in Taysīr al-ʿAzīz al-Ḥamīd, his explanation of Kitāb al-Tawḥīd, that the Pagans did not believe that the stars send the rain. Rather, they believed that Allāh is the sender of the rain, as textually stated in the Qurʾān (29:63-) and that the stars have simply been made a means. However, this is minor shirk and the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) falsified it. Hence, the nature of the error of the Pagan Arabs was in relation to matters of causation, and not that they denied any aspects of Allāh’s Rubūbiyyah (Lordship) or attributed them to others. It is the same with the issue of “contagion” and “transmission”. The Pagans affirmed that all of good and evil is from Allāh.

Thereafter, the contagionist view finds support in modern speculative theories of disease. From them the germ-theory of disease and the pseudoscience of virology, They are convinced that these are scientific realities in the same way that many Muslims are convinced that the Solar System and the earth’s rotation around the sun is a proven scientific reality. However, both of these speculations were empirically falsified by the end of the 19th century, this being made concrete in the first few decades of the 20th century.

As an example, take a look a Polio, which was known not to be “contagious” until the serum pushers came along to terrorize populations and nations and make billions in the process. Polio is a disease of neurological damage through chemical and heavy metal toxicity from pesticides or from the environment and is not “transmitted” from person to person. See: 70+ studies on polio not being “contagious” and an entire chapter on the subject.

Thus, in worldly affairs, if one has been indoctrinated upon only one medical theory, and knows nothing else, and does not know the wider historical context as to why and how such a theory came to be, then the scenario here is no different, in religious affairs, to the one in which the source of all knowledge of creed is from the books of the Ashʿarites. So a person thinks that their creed and their version of history is the unquestionable truth.

However, outside of their ideology and their literature, there exists in the historical record, a vast amount of evidence in the writings of works of others, over many centuries, preceding their books, falsifying what they are upon and providing a fuller and more accurate account of history, showing how and why the Ashʿarite school of doctrine came to be. Absent this, one will be stuck in an ideological bubble and be unable to see outside of it.

This is the same with scientific and medical theories, and it is the affair of the contagionists of today upon the germ-theory of disease and the Rockefeller monopolized system of medicine, in which vaccines are financial gold mines and instruments of other agendas, such as generating and expanding markets by compromising health and good constitution, and impacting fertility and population control.

Most people are unaware that the claim that vaccines held back and eliminated “infectious” and “contagious” diseases is one of the greatest myths of the 20th century, and that this has been amply proven and demonstrated in the scientific literature itself. However, this is used as propaganda for worldly interests, just as in the same way, in religious affairs, the Ashʿarites use as propaganda for their doctrine and school, the claim that they held back and destroyed the Philosophers with their ʿilm al-kalām. Neither are true, both are myths.

The Mutakallimūn (Speculative Theologians) did not hold the Philosophers at bay or destroy them, rather they only polluted the arena with their faulty intellectual goods (ʿilm al-kalām), and in the same way, vaccines did not hold “infectious” diseases at bay and eliminate them. Rather, overwhelmingly, they poison the body, and sap its vitality, helping to generate other illnesses and conditions which can be profited from.

Additional Notes

01  The Prophetic guidance is the most complete of guidance, combining legislative rulings with worldly realities, with the aim of actualisation and perfection of Tawḥīd in the hearts and minds. The declarations and directives of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) regarding contagion are a perfect illustration of that, as captured in the stronger and more correct view of the negation of the superstitious concept of contagion.

The statements of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم):“There is no contagion”, and: “Nothing transmits what it has (of illness) to anything else”, and: “Who (or what) gave it to the first one?” are deep and profound and have multiple layers of truth and guidance which have been explained in detail elsewhere, through the speech of many scholars.

In short:

The first statement[2] is a negation of the concept altogether.

The second[3] is correct and true on two levels.

First, no entity “transmits” its states (aʿrāḍ) to any other entity, since every state (ʿaraḍ) arising in an entity is a fresh creation of that state through the sum of its causes, conditions and event-chains. This is true whether you believe emissions of the sick comprise “pathogenic” elements that may play a role in occurrence of disease in others or not. Refer to our quenching of thirst analogy to understand this better. Thus it is incorrect to say: “He passed his illness to so and so”, just as it is also incorrect to say “He passed his illness to so and so, but by Allāh’s permission, will and decree.” This is no different to saying: “We were given rain through such and such star, but by Allāh’s decree.” Adding “by Allāh’s decree does” not make true what the Prophet explicitly negated.

Second, extensive “transmission” experiments reflecting real life situations and conforming with the scientific method of inquiry fail to prove contagion, despite using the most invasive of methods.

Some have claimed and advanced the argument that if we reject contagion, the disbelievers will laugh at us and mock us for denying it. However, the mockery of the disbelievers is not a proof that something is true or false. On the contrary, if we believe this superstition, we will be laughed at and mocked for believing something that has been empirically falsified in hundreds of experiments.

Refer to NoContagion.Com, the section on transmission experiments for more details.

Further, the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) stated that invoking “transmission” and “contagion” to explain the apparent “spread” of disease is from the affairs of Jāhiliyyah that this ummah will never abandon.

As for “spread”, that is conceptual, in the mind. The mind abstracts the notion of spread when multiple instances of disease are observed in a household, or location at the same time. Out of this arises the unfounded and unproven belief that one person must have spread it to the rest. No evidence is provided to rule out the fact that all those who fell ill were subjected to the same set of conditions, factors, causes and event-chains, through Allah’s decree, by which they became ill and that their closeness and interactions were merely incidental. Thus, whatever made the first ill, made the rest of them ill. This is what the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) informed the bedouin of, with respect to his camels and scabies.

Hence, in physical reality, Allāh creates each and every instance of illness for each and every entity for whom it has been decreed, separately, and each instance is a creation of Allāh, to whom return all affairs.

The third statement[4] points to errors in observation, confusing coincidence and association with causation, and this is the same error that the Naturalists and materialists frequently fall into in their crass pseudosciences.

This view of negation comprises a proof against the polytheists and stubborn opposers among the people of disbelief (who are upon gross exaggeration and misguidance in this affair) as stated by al-Ḥāfiẓ al-Ḥakamī (رحمه الله).

Note: Even those scholars who affirmed contagion, such as Shaykh al-Albānī (رحمه الله), lamented the fact that in the modern era Muslim doctors have followed the disbelievers in this and imitated the people of Jāhiliyyah in this matter. This is why scholars such as Ibn Rajab and Sulaymān bin Ḥamdān made clear that precaution is only within the bounds of what the Sharīʿah came with and exceeding it is to have evil opinion and to follow the ways of the disbelievers.

However, since the Prophetic guidance regarding contagion and its negation was to prevent such exaggerations in the first place, then affairs proceed according to their own territory. Meaning, if you affirm contagion, just as Abū ʿUbayd al-Qāsim bin Sallām (رحمه الله) stated, then due to the very nature of man—ignorant of the complexity of causes, given to suspicion, superstition—you’ve opened the door for people to start harbouring omens and operating upon unwarranted fear, the very door that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) intended to close for his ummah.

This is the reason why we saw some among the people, especially here in the West, going to extremes in wearing masks, insisting on strict social distancing of six-feet even when it was not required by the authorities, insisting that others do the same, some even refusing to shake hands with others, with grown men setting up perspex screens to cower behind—whereas the Companions (رضي الله عنهم) would march to war, hoping for martyrdom through jihād or plague—all in relation to disease-free healthy people and in fear of imaginary Darwinian viruses which exist only in silico (on computer), imitating the disbelievers and manifesting the behaviours of the people of Jāhiliyyah, just as Shaykh al-Albānī (رحمه الله) said, and warned against.

And all of this while the elite and wealthy from the disbelievers, and their most senior politicians—as happened in most of the Western nations—made mockery of mankind by partying, drinking and socialising without masks, without distancing, knowing these affairs to be falsehoods, after having openly told us the true reality of the threat of the illness in question (video), and then leaving people to become victims to their their own follies, imaginations and superstitions.

In private Whatsapp chats, health secretaries of Western nations such as Matt Hancock were plotting to “frighten the pants of everyone”.

Since fear suspends rational thought, then it is very easy, especially in the modern era, for such fear to be weaponised for economic and social interests. There are people who are in denial of these realities, despite these same schemes being perpetrated over and over during the past decades.

See: Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic (2010 Forbes article).

02  What has been said by Shaykh Muḥammad (رحمه الله) is a refutation of those who claim that the negation of contagion is a fringe view, and the absurd claim that there exists what almost amounts to a complete or practical consensus on the subject among today’s scholars.

This is a statement of ignorance, since how can it be said that an issue which is a well-known issue of difference, is an alleged matter of consensus (among a given set of scholars in a given time), and thus, that one must hold on to this view and abandon the other one, on grounds of an alleged consensus. This is not said by anyone with comprehension in the matter.

From the contemporary scholars who hold this view are: Shaykh al-Ḥāfiẓ al-Ḥakamī, Shaykh Muḥammad Amān al-Jāmī, Shaykh Muqbil bin Hādī, Shaykh al-Luḥaydān, and this falsifies the claim of an alleged “practical” consensus among today’s scholars.

This view of negation cuts off all avenues from their roots and starting points and is greatest in actualisation and perfection of Tawḥīd and acting as a proof (ḥujjah) against the disbelievers and polytheists in their crass pseudosciences and protection from their evil schemes.

During the Covid-19 scam, many trillions in wealth was transferred from ordinary people, small and medium-sized businesses to mega-corporations and large investment firms. The lockdowns were deliberately intended for this objective. Businesses, livelihoods and households were destroyed, and nations and individuals were plunged into debt. Distancing and isolation led to arresting of child development, to anxiety and mental health problems.

It is impossible that Allāh and His Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) bring such guidance and enjoin such affairs that lead to this type of ruin and destruction. On the contrary, revealed guidance came to prevent such outcomes. There is sufficiency in the guidance of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in this matter.

03  Given the view of the negation of contagion as has preceded, then taking vaccines for the purpose of preventing alleged “transmission” and “contagion” is negated by rational necessity in this view.

For this reason, Shaykh Muqbil (رحمه الله) who holds the view of the negation of contagion, declared that vaccines are not to be taken for this purpose because the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) negated contagion. But as for the one who wishes to take it for protection, from illness and its severity, as is claimed, then that is fine for he who wants to take it, though it is better to leave it. The Shaykh explained it does not become unlawful, so as long as it is not taken for ending contagion, as is claimed.

Upon that, it is incorrect to accuse those who follow these great scholars, who have shown greater insight in this matter, of following the ways of ʿAmr bin ʿUbayd al-Muʿtazilī in accusing the scholars of not knowing “fiqh al-waqiʿ” (current affairs). This is slander and oppression.

04  In 2009, during the Swine Flu Pandemic and Vaccine Scam, which is very well documented, I wrote an article on the subject of contagion, explaining the views of both affirmation and negation, quoting views of scholars in that regard, with a caution at the end about the exaggeration of the disbelievers in “viruses” to create unwarranted anxiety and fear in order to peddle their snake-oil injections.

These injections had to be pulled after one year due to only a few dozen deaths and cases of narcolepsy (video) (another video). The same thing had happened in 1976 (video).

Then in early 2020—the year of the greatest medical and financial scam in the whole of history—I began to translate the statements of many scholars, past and present, on the subject of contagion, from those scholars mentioned by Shaykh Muḥammad (رحمه الله). These articles established, with both religious and worldly evidences the correctness and superiority of the view of negation, and its appropriateness to the situation, and it being greater in actualising and perfecting Tawḥīḍ and providing safety from the lies, exaggerations and known scheming of the people of disbelief.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Scam was a pre-planned event (short video) with the collaboration of numerous stakeholders and captured institutions. It was built upon cumulative experience from past faked pandemics. A fraudulent PCR test was used to rebrand other illnesses and deaths from other causes into "Covid-19". People who became ill with routine respiratory illnesses (influenzas, pneumonias) were sent to their graves through non-standard treatment protocols that were specifically designed to maximise deaths. These include the use of respiratory suppressants such as Midazolam injections, Remdesevir, ventilation and likewise, DNR (do not resuscitate) orders. This happened predominantly in Western countries. This gave the overwhelming impression of a genuine pandemic, as big media and big tech collaborated in psychological warfare as well as military grade censorship.

Lockdowns, masks and social distancing were used to coerce people into taking the snake-oil mRNA injections which in the first few months in 2021 were known to cause premature deaths from strokes and heart attacks, and are now known to cause neurologial illnesses, turbo cancers, reproductive harms and a myriad of other illnesses (see 1000+ peer-reviewed papers). This event falls under the broader umbrella of decreasing and controlling the world's population which has been a primary strategic security interest pursued by the financial owners of the United States (see Shaykh ʿAlī al-Huḍhayfī’s speech on population control, contrived epidemics and vaccines). The event was also designed to market the move from the old regime of vaccines (using cell-cultures) to the new lucrative snake-oil of the 21st century, that of synthetic modified-RNA[5] and self-directed evolution.

The fraud behind these mRNA injections is now in the parliaments and law courts as answers are being demanded for unexplained turbo-cancers, strokes, sudden deaths from cardiac arrest in the under-40s and fittest of athletes, neurological illnesses and excess deaths reaching double digit percentages in many nations. Class action lawsuits are under way and there are calls for the banning of all mRNA injections.

The Swine Flu Scam of 2009 took only a year to unravel in the European Parliament.

With the Covid-19 Scam however, the perpetrators were well prepared and organised, and this time round they were wildly successful due to the very tight coordination between big tech, big pharma and big media.[6] This is why the WHO and its owners are desperately trying to push for a pandemic treaty and agreement of nations to amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations). If they achieve this, then the next pandemic will be just around the corner, right on cue, and everything for which Covid-19 was an initial testing ground will become more of a reality, except as Allāh wills.

05  Sadly, some people resented that this view of the negation of contagion should be explained and spread, claiming it undermines the policies of the Muslim rulers. However, this is a knowledge-based matter and no one has the right to silence anybody in the clarification of matters and views pertaining to Tawḥīd, in this case, a superior and more safeguarding view regarding contagion.

This is alongside the fact that it was made clear during this whole tribulation that while we can discuss knowledge-based matters on the basis of evidence, we must maintain order in society by obeying the Muslim rulers in the measures they placed, and that we must have patience with the hardships that come with them.

Some have claimed that this is a contradiction, that you say the disease-free healthy keeping six-feet away from the disease-free healthy is superstition and minor shirk—[until even the disbelievers have admitted they made it up, without any scientific evidence at all]— and then you also say we have to obey the rulers.

There is no contradiction in this, and as Shaykh ʿUbayd al-Jābirī (رحمه الله) said when asked about this distancing that it was unknown from the Salaf, despite the occurrence of plagues, that we do it because the ruler ordered it.

Thus, one can hold the view that it is baseless, false and made up—as readily admitted by the people of disbelief—having no basis in science or religion, and no one can be shown rejection for holding to this truth, especially when they hold the view of no contagion. And at the same time, obey the ruler upon the understanding that from his point of view he thinks it to be from the means, being mistaken in that, and doing so only to maintain order and avoid discord.

Thus, the obedience is not out of belief that it is from the means, and nor accusing the ruler of knowingly promoting what is false and detrimental to the perfection of Tawḥīd, but out of maintaining order in society, not causing commotion, and avoiding fines and penalties, knowing that one is not held accountable for things he is coerced to do against his convictions and beliefs.

There is no contradiction in this at all, and it is surprising that such a claim can be made, despite this issue having been explained over and over since 2020. This, while keeping in mind also that Shaykh al-Luḥaydān (رحمه الله), as is reported about him by many people, never wore masks, nor adhered to any social distancing rules, and he is upon the view of the negation of contagion.

Whoever claims that a disease-free healthy person can transmit a disease he does not have to someone else, and thus, to prevent the alleged spread of disease, all people in a society should keep six feet away from others in communal settings (which includes all places, even the homes), then he is requested to provide evidence from revelation or from science. That is, actual science, not crystal ball modelling studies in which software programs are given arbitrary inputs to give results to justify pre-determined policies. And he will find none. How, when even the disbelievers readily admit that six-feet social distancing was totally made up?!

All of this is from the misguidance of the disbelievers, their exaggerations and their crass pseudosciences. Refer to the Darwinian Virology series for a detailed refutation of this misguidance and how and why it came about, in particular, the introduction to the series.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology: Series Introduction
View PDF File
(62 pages)

Quote: Professor John Oxford: “We have just been visited by the third wave of a classical super fit, dominant and very Darwinian pandemic virus. In fact Charles Darwin would find it incredible to view his own theory of survival of the fittest proved before his very eyes in one year.”—2011

This series introduction provides a foundation for understanding the pseudoscience and fraud of Darwinian Virology.

06  In summary, the negation of contagion is not a fringe view of “conspiracy theorists”—as is said by ignoramuses—rather it is from the actualisation and perfection of Tawḥīd and protection of both creed and worldly interests in ways that the contagionist has failed to understand because he is a victim of the very doubts and misconceptions that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) addressed and removed in his guidance.

This is why some of the Salaf considered those scholars who misinterpreted the texts to affirm contagion to be in error and why other scholars called for the rejection of the testimony of physicians who operate upon that view in advising people not to fulfil their obligation of visiting the sick, and other scholars declare as ignoramuses those physicians who confuse coincidence with causation and thereby affirm contagion.

However, despite these strong statements from these scholars whose significance can be understood and appreciated given the realities, since this is an issue of historical differing, then the difference can be accommodated, and no one can be said to be upon misguidance for holding one view or the other, until and unless the truth in the matter has become known and become final.

Ultimately, the affair returns to evidence, and sufficient it is as proof that we see the fruits of the contagionist view in light of the harms and consequences of faked, manufactured, hyped and/or exaggerated pandemics in the modern era, and all of what they entail of unwarranted fear, anxiety, superstition, financial exploitation and harm to mental health, livelihood and wealth, as has preceded.


01  On 2 May 2024, there was a tweet posted which appears to be a response to this article. Sadly, this is an illustration of bigotry to a view devoid of any meaningful attempts to address the actual arguments and evidences.

Everyone’s statement can be accepted or rejected except the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم), as Imām Mālik (رحمه الله) said. So when the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: “Nothing transmits what it has [of illness] to anything else”, then the speech of every other person is thrown against the wall. This matter has already been explained in this article and many others, refer to the statements of Ibn ʿAbd al-Barr (رحمه الله) in the opening paragraphs at NoContagion.Com.

As we have explained, even if we accept for argument’s sake, that the sick person has emissions which, coupled with other factors, lead another person to become sick, this is not “transmission” or “contagion”. Rather, this is the fresh creation of a new disease instance in another entity through Allāh’s will.

No disease is “transmitted” from one person to another. Rather, a (presumed) cause is transmitted through proximity, not the disease itself. The disease is the property, or temporal attribute of the body, it can never be “transmitted” to another body. Disease states are only ever freshly created for each and every entity. Allāh created that new instance by bringing together all the factors, conditions, causes and event-chains at the appointed time and place. Our quenching the thirst analogy explains this.

However, the mind abstracts the notion of “spread” and then automatically assumes that there must have been “transmission” from one person to the next, without any evidence, only presumption and assumption. It is here that the misconception of the contagionist comes into play, and he places himself in the shoes of the bedouin who remonstrates that he sees contagion with his own eyes, while we play the role of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in trying to tell him that coincidence does not mean causation and that you are not seeing “transmission” or “contagion”, but the fresh creation of disease instances in the entities for whom it is has been decreed, through the sum of its causes, and these causes enveloped all those who became sick, and thus they became sick at approximately the same time and same place.

As such, though we are observing the same physical reality (people becoming sick at roughly the same time in the same place), the way we speak about it is totally different. One is in conformity with the guidance of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم), and the other one is in clear opposition, based upon faulty interpretation.

Thus, when the non-contagionist says: “He fell ill by the decree of Allāh”, this is a statement that accords with factual reality and is inclusive of all the combined causes, factors, conditions that led to disease creation, irrespective of whether they are known to him or not. Hence, he has not said anything inaccurate or false, or based on presumption.

However, when the contagionist says, “He transmitted his illness to so and so, by Allāh’s decree”, or “He fell ill through contagion, by Allāh’s decree”, then the contagionist has no knowledge of this. He does not know whether two people in a house got ill because one allegedly passed it to the other, or because they were both subjected to the same causes, conditions and factors from their surroundings (water, food, air, environment, weather, exposures, habits, lifestyles) which made them ill at the same time. Hence, he speaks with presumption and attributes this to Allāh, and thus errs in the matter of causation, speaking without knowledge. This is what the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) forbade, that such things such be said and he explicitly negated “transmission” and “contagion”.

Thus, we are following the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) by rejecting the concept of contagion altogether, and not falling into this language of “transmission” and “contagion” which he told us is from the ways of the people of Jāhiliyyah, and which sadly, this ummah will not abandon.

As if the above was not enough, then the reality of the affair is that under experimental conditions, with the use of controls, “transmission” and “contagion” has never been conclusively proven.

  • Refer to the extensive failed experiments (in the hundreds) attempting to “transmit” influenza from sick to healthy people.

In short, the tweet lacks any meaningful contribution to the discussion and is simply representative of bigotry to a view. Discussion and dialogue is welcomed in pursuit of truth. However it can't simply be a matter of “My scholar said such and such and his words carry more weight than your scholar’s words and hence my view must be right”. There must be a meaningful discussion and evaluation of what actually amounts to evidence, with the understanding that scholars can be correct some times and mistaken some times and no one's word is final save that of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

1. Sharḥ Sunan al-Nasāʾī (32/272-274). I thank Munīb al-Ṣumālī for sending this quote to me.
2. ”There is no contagion.”
3. “Nothing transmits what it has (of illness) to anything else.”
4. ”Who (or what) gave it to the first one?”
5. Incidentally, the new mRNA gene-therapy platform is set to be a multi-trillion dollar business and since discovery of new Darwinian variants will allow governments to demand royalties for any injections based on the alleged variants they discover and sequence, then there is a tremendous financial incentive for governments to get on board with the WHO and other institutions. This is why this machinery has the momentum it has, it is financial and economical, based upon a speculative, pseudoscientific theory of disease that has become dominant.
6. They have set the stage for further faked and staged pandemics using RT-PCR fraud, from them is Bird Flu, by which the meat and poultry industries are intended to be destroyed, allowing further centralisation and control of the food supply chain.

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