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REPORT • Sunday, 06 Aug 2023

Shaykh ʿAlī al-Ḥudhayfī on Population Control Through Wars, Conspiracies, Epidemics and Vaccines

Shaykh ʿAlī al-Ḥudhayfī answers questions on climate change and population control
By Abu Iyaad

Table of Contents

1 — Introduction
2 — The Questions and Audio Response
3 — All Provision and Sustenance is in Allāh's Hands
4 — Consensus on There Being Enough Provision on Earth
5 — Lack of Provision Is Caused by Oppression and Exploitation
6 — The Theory of Malthus and the Depopulation Agenda
7 — Wars, Epidemics and Vaccines as the Means
8 — Details of the Depopulation Agenda

1. Introduction

In late summer of 2021—at the request of a brother residing in Saudi Arabia—I prepared some questions regarding climate change and overpopulation which are the concern of the Malthusian Eugenicists who dominate many aspects of science and technology today through money power and institutional and regulatory control. These people have been working actively for at least 100 years to reduce the world's population through a variety of schemes. These schemes were stepped up over the past 50 years with many layers of sophistication and the issue itself is considered a matter of "national security" for certain nations.

From the 70s and 80s they began to focus on numerous ideologies (among others) for the execution of their agendas and devised policies:

— That of "global warming", later rebranded to "climate change", and
—"infectious viruses" (built on the fraud, pseudoscience and hokus pokus of modern virology, a major foundation of Darwinian evolution).[1]
Sexual liberation philosophies, promotion of homosexuality, and destruction of marriage (as an alleged "oppressive institution") in order to promote "equality" and "inclusion".

These (and all connected subsidiary issues) come under the broader umbrella and cloak of "Environmentalism", which means saving the planet from destruction by the plague, parasite and leech of man.

Environmentalism was made the basis for a new pseudo-religion to be pushed upon the masses, through which to govern and dictate social and economic behaviour. From its precepts, for example, is that raising cattle and eating meat is inherently harmful and destructive to the planet, and thus farming should be restricted, (with food production moving to labs and private industries).

This is a revilement upon Allāh’s rubūbiyyah and in His wisdom in creating what He created. It is an attempt to deprive people of their provision. This is why these contemporary disbelievers are the most evil of disbelievers in their kufr (disbelief) and kibr (arrogance), having surpassed their predecessors from the allies and worshippers of Iblīs.

Below is an excellent research paper outlining the 30 year continuity between "global warming" (now climate change) and "infectious disease" (in the form of "Covid-19") and the use of manufactured personalities and child actors for the normalisation and acceptance of collectivisation (communism, loss of all property rights), eugenics and population reduction measures.

From Greta to the Great Reset
View PDF File
(26 pages)

The questions were written during the height of the "Covid-19" pandemic—the biggest medical, scientific, marketing, political and financial scam in world history—which is the latest in a series of coordinated scams used to harm economies and embezzle the wealth of people and nations through lockdowns and the sale of serum injections on the back of manufactured science and pandemic hysteria.

See the clear parallels between the Swine Flu Scam of 2009 and what is unravelling now with "Covid-19".

The fear propaganda was incessant and was hyped tremendously to build up to the marketing and selling of injections, fraudulently marketed as "safe and effective" by its makers and by captured institutions such as the WHO, CDC and FDA.

The FDA in collusion with Pfizer tried but failed in court proceedings to conceal their clinical trial data for 75 years, away from public scrutiny, because it showed significant death and injury from the injection, it being neither safe nor effective

1000 Peer Reviewed Medical Papers Submitted To Various Medical Journals, Evidencing A Multitude Of Adverse Events In Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients
View PDF File
(80 pages)

After injury, chronic illness and death from the mRNA drug injections marketed as "vaccines" were becoming apparent in early 2021, it was clear that once this countermeasure had run its mileage, harms no longer hidden and awareness eventually reaching politicians, parliaments, royalty and the wider public, the perpetrators were going to seamlessly switch to the climate change narrative through their control of media and their declared "ownership" of science, bringing with it all the ideological elements that clash with the Book and Sunnah.

Since this indoctrination about:

—a) climate change,
—b) so-called carbon emissions[2], and
—c) man as a leech on earth,

can effect creed, especially in children who are the main targets for this ideological brainwashing and recruitment into "social justice" movements, these questions about overpopulation and provision were written.[3]

We present the questions that were sent to Shaykh `Ali al-Hudhayfī (حفظه الله) followed by his response.

1. The intent behind these two ideologies is to justify policies for the confiscation of private property, centralisation and control in areas of agriculture, food production, and restriction of movement. Western social democracies are the primary targets since this mode of rule is designed to allow infiltration and subversion, and always ends up in communism and facism, something the populations of Western nations are learning right now, after a century of democracy worship.
2. It is astounding that these criminals have managed to turn carbon dioxide, essential for plant growth and increase in crop yields, into a "pollutant" and have gotten away with it.
3. These people also claim or at least act in a way that everyone is effectively a "biosecurity hazard" by default unless proven otherwise. This can also impact creed and behaviour through unwarranted fear, the promotion of superstition, omens and exaggeration in the matter of contagion, and this is very strongly connected to the issue of climate change in the view of the Malthusian Eugenicists, Darwinists and Collectivists.

© Abu Iyaad — Benefits in dīn and dunyā


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