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An Overview of Kitāb Al-Tawḥīd: Part 1
This book explains the reality of Tawḥīd al-Ulūhiyyah, or al-ʿIbādah (strict, pure monotheism in worship) and makes mention of its rulings, limits, conditions, excellence, evidences, foundations...
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Thu, 30 May 2024
Lecture on Belief in Omens from Kitāb Al-Tawḥīd
A believing Muwaḥḥid, in his beliefs, feelings, emotions, speech and behaviour is governed by optimism, hope, certainty and reliance and he pursues his beneficial interests in this manner.
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Tue, 28 May 2024
The First Obligation in Islām: The Two Testimonies and Actualizing Tawhīd
The first obligation upon the servants is the worship of Allāh. As for knowing him, then they know him through the fiṭrah, the intellects, creational evidences and Qurʾānic evidences.
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Fri, 24 Nov 2023
Regarding Sayyid Aḥmad al-Badawī (Ṣūfī Bāṭinī) and Aḥmad Hijāb (Ṣūfī Qubūrī) as Manifestations of the Causes of Defeat and Humiliation of the Ummah
Recently, a video was circulated wherein Asrar Rashid (Ṣūfī Barelwi,), Moḥammad Ḥijāb (Ikhwānī Mutafalsif, online performance artist), and Haitham Ḥaddād (Ikhwānī), are having a conversation about Ṣūfī ṭarīqahs.
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Mon, 20 Nov 2023
Shaykh Ibn ʿUthaymīn on the Legislative and Creational Means, Minor Shirk and the Role of Emotions [And Fear] in Inducing Weakness and Disease States
Whatever has not been established as a cause, legislatively, or materially, it is not permissible for it to be made a cause.
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Sat, 02 Sep 2023
Ibn al-Qayyim on Sneezing: Between the Guidance of the Sharīʿah and the Superstition of Jāhiliyyah
The people of Jāhiliyyah considered sneezing to be a disease and treated it as an omen. However, sneezing is in fact a healing and blessing from Allāh for which He is praised
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Mon, 14 Aug 2023
Ibn Taymiyyah on Shirk and the Excuse of Ignorance
However, due to the preponderance of ignorance, and scant knowledge of the remnants of the messengership amongst many of the latecomers, takfīr is not made of them...
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Sat, 11 Mar 2023
Shaykh Ibn Bāz on the Grave Worshippers, Establishing the Proof and Takfīr
If I see someone invoking the (dead) in the grave, seeking rescue from him, then he has been afflicted with shirk, shall I call him (to the truth) on the basis that he is a Muslim...
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Sat, 11 Mar 2023
The Name of Allāh (العزيز) al-ʿAzīz
Al-ʿAzīz, meaning the one who has overcome everything thing such that He has subdued it, and He has overcome all things.
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Mon, 06 Mar 2023
Allāh Creates and Commands for Wisdoms That Return to Himself and to His Servants
That which the majority of the Muslims are upon from the Salaf and the Khalaf is that Allāh the Exalted creates for a wisdom and commands for a wisdom.
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Sat, 25 Feb 2023
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