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Ibn Al-Qayyim on Guidance and Its Types
Guidance (hidāyah) is: a) [b]elucidation (bayān) and indication (dalālah)[/b] (to the path), then b) [b]success (tawfīq) and inspiration (ilhām)[/b] (in following the path).
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Sun, 26 Feb 2023
Allāh Grants Wisdom to Whomever He Wills
Allāh grants [the ability] to arrive at the truth in speech and deed to whomever He wills, and whoever Allāh gives that to, then He has given him much good
Posted by Admin on Sat, 25 Feb 2023
Ibn Al-Qayyim on the Qurʾānic Parable for the Deeds of the People of Disbelief
The parable of those who disbelieve in their Lord is that their works are as ashes, on which the wind blows furiously on a stormy day, they shall not be able to get aught of what they have earned.
Posted by Abu Iyaad on Tue, 07 Feb 2023
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