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Concise reports in issues of creed, methodology and worship, as well as worldly subjects affecting matters of religion.

Uncovering the Hidden Realities of Hizbollah
Hizbollah is a political Shia group backed by the Rafidi Shia of Iran and is a network that spans across many countries and whose aims are to serve the Shia cause, ideologically and politically. This cause is to pave the way for their awaited Mahdī through the instigation of strife, turmoil and revolutions in Sunni Muslim lands. They have secret alliances with the enemies, while claiming to serve Islām and the Muslims. September 2011.

Excerpts from ‘The Preaching of Islam’ by Thomas Arnold
Drawing upon hundreds of resources written in more than ten languages, British Orientalist scholar Thomas Walker Arnold (d. 1930) provides a picture of the spread of Islām different from that of modern loons and rabid Islām haters.

Readings from the Salaf in Refutation of the Manhaj of Tamyīʿ and the Mumayyiʿah
Select readings from the Salaf regarding their uncompromising stance and stern position towards the people of innovation and misguidance. Originally published November 2002.

Readings in Elementary Quṭbism
A general introduction to the fundamental precepts of the Quṭbi ideology which revived the methodology of the Khārijites in the 20th century. Originally published in 2000.

Clarifications of the Major Scholars Regarding the Bidʿah of al-Muwāzanah
Clarifications from the Major Scholars from the mid to late 1990s regarding the principle of al-Muwāzanah (mentioning the good of an innovator or deviant when he is being refuted and warned against).

Shaykh ʿAlī al-Ḥudhayfī on Population Control Through Wars, Conspiracies, Epidemics and Vaccines
Shaykh ʿAlī al-Ḥudhayfī answers questions on climate change and population control

Ways of Acquiring Sustenance
Fifteen legislated ways and means that help a person to acquire rizq (sustenance).

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