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Justifying Genocide and Slaughtering of Women and Children in Holy War: Rabbi Eliyahu Mali

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Saturday, Mar 09 2024
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AMONG MANKIND are those whose religious and political leaders—that is, some of them, not all of them—claim they are God’s exclusively chosen people; to whom is promised all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates, which is to be acquired by conquest and all that it entails, inclusive of genocide and ethnic cleansing, as per Torah mitzvahs;[1] who are a special creation, pieces of God Himself, whose souls are unlike the souls of lesser humans; and for whose sole benefit, everything, other humans included, was created.

This racist, supremacist ideology is derived from the altered Torah and the Talmud and is in full open display today in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arab Muslim (and Christian) Semites from Gaza. It is the first time in history that genocide and ethnic cleansing, its religious justification, execution and celebration are being broadcast live, in real time, for all the world to see.

However, this genocide (and the underlying ideology) is rejected by many Jews all across the world. They stand with the Palestinians and denounce the settler-colonial state of Rothschild Israel that was founded upon terror and ethnic-cleansing since its inception.

Many religious Jews consider this state a violation of their religion, and some of them consider it apostasy. Even within Rothschild Israel, many of its people denounce Netanyahu and what he and his genocidal entourage have brought upon them. Many Jews are fleeing the land due to fear of further escalations.

As for Hamas and October 7th, then Hamas is simply a pawn in the game and serves the interests of the racist, ethnosupremacists of Likud and its religious extremists who openly advocate genocide and ethnic-cleansing. See evidence that Hamas is a strategic tool for Jewish extremists. People like Netanyahu were craving and salivating over an event like October 7th and it is for this very reason that they strategically propped up Hamas, to help justify their own hostilities and expansionist agendas. The last thing they want is peace talks and negotations, because this kills the warmongering spirit and the long term goal of broadening conflict and conquest with the full aid and backing of powerful Western nations which are married to Zionism. Hamas is a strategic tool for both the Zionists and the Iranian Rāfiḍah, while the Palestinian people in general are victims of bad leadership and power-plays.

The Jurisprudence of Genocide

It is clear that certain genocidal, racist maniacs within Rothschild Israel have taken off their mask fully and unabashedly and are broadcasting their murderous rampage online on social media for the whole world to see. It is in this context we present below a barbarian who justifies the slaughter (murder) of innocent babies and children for fear that one day, they may become fighters and resist racist, supremacist genocidal conquest against them.


The basic rule we have when fighting in the Holy War, in this case in Gaza, is according to the doctrine, “Do not spare any soul”. And the logic of this is very clear. If you don’t kill them, they will attempt to kill you. Today’s saboteurs are the children of the previous war whom we kept alive. And in reality, it is the women who create the terrorists.

And this means that the principle of “Do not spare any soul” is very clear in our concept, its either you or them. And in reality, “Do not spare any soul” is based on the doctrine that says, “He who comes to kill you in the afternoon, kill him in the morning.”

And the one who comes to kill you in the broad sense, is not the person who is 18, 16, 20, 30 years old, the one who points his weapon at you, but also the next generation, and also those who give birth to the next generation, because in reality there is no difference.

Then someone in the audience asks about elderly people. The genocidal maniac responds:

The elderly people… there is no such thing as innocent people. By the way the elderly man is capable of carrying a rifle and shooting. Therefore, the Torah concept is very clear in the ruling.

In Gaza, according to the estimates from IDF, between 95% to 98% want to annihilate us. This is the silent majority.

Someone asks, “The children too should be killed?” to which the face of genocide responds:

The same thing…and that’s because you can’t play clever with the Torah. When the Torah says: “Do not spare any soul”, then you must not spare any soul. Today he is a child, today he is a youth, and tomorrow a fighter.

The fighters, or those whom we call saboteurs, who are 18 years old today, were 8 years old in the previous war. Therefore, you must not stop [killing].

The Essence of the Above

The essence of the above is that it is a clear justification of genocide—as part of an ethno-supremacist "Holy War"—and treating the entire population to be enemy combatants, whether babies (in the womb or otherwise), children, women and the elderly. They are considered Amalekites whose trace and mention is to wiped from the earth. The cold, hard-hearted, hate-filled barbarian stated that killing must not stop under any circumstances, and must therefore continue until no soul is spared. Anything less is "playing clever with the Torah", that is the adulterated fabricated Torah in his hand which is other than the Torah of Moses (عليه السلام). This is clear evidence that the Jewish Holy War being advocated by this barbarian is one of pure conquest and domination on grounds of racial, ethnosupremacism.

This is keeping in mind that the enemy he is speaking of is the one that he and his predecessors among the terrorists of the Irgun, Haganah and Stern Gang, and their inheritors to this day, have been genociding and ethnic cleansing for 70 years. Those whom they have placed under occupation, apartheid and concentrations camps. This racist, supremacist, genocidal ideology is what is driving the current round of ethnic-cleansing under the Netanyahu Likud regime.

Norman Finkelstein: Only a Moron Can't Distinguish Between Genocide and Humanitarian Law

Norman Finkelstein is a brave and outspoken Jew who has criticised his fellow Jews, in particular the Zionists, for making an industry out of the Holocaust and using it to shield and deflect from their own crimes. In this video of 9th November 2023 he provides three lines of evidence for clear genocidal intent and declares the one who cannot see it as a moron and an idiot.

The Justice of Islām and its Sharīʿah

We have covered the just rules of war in Islām in other articles:

In short:

In the ḥadīth of ʿAbd Allāh bin ʿUmar (رضي الله عنه) there occurs that a woman was found killed in the one of the battles of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and he censured the killing of women and children and prohibited that.[2]

Allāh did not legislate fighting in His Sharīʿah for revenge, tyranny or pure conquest, but only to subdue the forces of polytheism, idolatry, disbelief and oppression which are active in hindering people from hearing the peaceful call to the message Islām, from attaining deliverance and success with Paradise in the Hereafter. Hence, fighting was legislated out of necessity and as mercy. Fighting is only against those who fight against Muslims when Muslims peacefully practice and convey their religion. Upon this, the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) prohibited the killing of non-combatants, which are women and children (as well as other categories).

Imām al-Ṭabarī (d. 310H) (رحمه الله) mentions in his Tārīkh, that Abū Bakr al-Ṣiddīq (رضي الله عنه), the first Caliph, advised the leader of the Muslim army, Usāmah bin Zayd (رضي الله عنه) with the following:[3]

O people, stop [for a moment], I advise you with ten:

01  Do not be treacherous (with secret violation of agreements).

02  Do not take spoils of war dishonestly.

03  Do not be treacherous (with open violation of agreements).

04  Do not mutilate (those who die in battle).

05  Do not kill a small child, an old man, or a woman.

06  Do not cut-down or burn the date-palm tree.

07  Do not cut fruit-bearing trees.

08  Do not slaughter any sheep, cow or camel unless it is for eating.

09  You will come upon a people who have isolated themselves in monasteries, so leave them alone and what they have preoccupied themselves with.

10  You will come upon people who come to you with vessels of various types of food. If you eat anything from them, mention the name of Allāh over them.

Refer also to: Excerpts from ‘The Preaching of Islam’ by Thomas Arnold. Drawing upon hundreds of resources written in more than ten languages, British Orientalist scholar Thomas Walker Arnold (d. 1930) provides a picture of the spread of Islām different from that of modern loons and rabid Islām haters.

So where is the barbarism of the likes of Rabbi Eliyahu and other racist, supremacist, bloodthirsty Jews like him—denounced, it should be said, by many other Jews—compared to the justice, toleration and moderation of the Sharīʿah of Islām?

1. Not all Jews would agree that genocidal texts in the Old Testament referring to wiping out Amalek are general commands that remain in effect. However, this may only be a minority view, as many of the great Jewish rabbis, such as Maimonides, treat these as mitzvahs that remain in effect for all times.
2. Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī (nos. 3014, 3015 and Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim, no. 1744).
3. Tārīkh al-Ṭabarī (2/463).

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