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The Seditious Propaganda Activities of the Neo-Sabaʾite Daniel Haqiqatjou

DANIEL HAQIQATJOU is a pro-Iranian, Rāfiḍī Shīʿīte apologist,[1] propagandist and agent provocateur who uses his critiques of liberalism and woke ideology as a cover to advance an agenda of seeding and fuelling civil strife and sedition in Sunni Muslim lands by portraying the leaders of Sunni Muslim lands as enemies of Islām, apostates and hypocrites purely on grounds of their use of wealth, their politics and international relations, not on grounds of creed and nor upon sound, correctly applied principles governing takfīr of specific individuals.

His recent display of venomous hatred towards the Gulf states is because in the matter of Palestine, they prefer the approach of stability, prosperity and preservation of life through cessation of hostilities, rather than the approach of Iran and its proxies, Hezbollah, the Houthis and Hamas—[a pawn in the game and a strategic asset for both the Rāfiḍah and the Zionists]—which is to provide pretext and cover to the Zionists, for genocide and ethnic cleansing of Sunni Muslim populations and for the Rāfiḍah to either convert or destroy Sunni Muslim populations, whom they consider greater disbelievers than the Jews and Christians.[2] Both the Zionists and Rāfiḍah idol-worshippers want to “liberate” Makkah and Madinah, which indicates a convergence of aims, despite apparent conflict between them.

At the same time, while pretending to be against the Iranian regime, and presenting himself as a Sunni who abandoned Rāfiḍī Shīʿism, he tries to advocate for the Sḥīʿah and for Iranian geopolitical interests by softening perceptions and views regarding the Rāfiḍah in Sunni Muslim audiences. He presents every excuse for them, cautioning against blanket takfir of them, while frequently and boldly making blanket takfīr upon Sunni Muslims and denigrating Sunni Muslim populations.

Since the foundation of his walāʾ and baraʾ lies in geopolitics and not in the foundations of the religion itself, then he has no qualms in calling Sunni, Salafi Muslims as “Zionists”, “Bootlickers” and many other deregotary words, due to differences in viewpoints in political matters, whereas the Rāfiḍī idol-worshippers, cursers of the Companions (رضي الله عنهم) and of the Wives of the Prophet are secure and safe from his tongue and spared his venom. Rather, whereas he hastily and unashamedly makes blanket takfir of Sunni Muslim rulers and populations, he bends over backwards in defending the Rāfiḍah idol-worshippers.

For more details about the neo-Sabaʾite activities of Daniel Haqiqatjou, refer to the articles below.

1. Meaning, an apologist for the Rāfiḍī Shīʿītes.
2. It is important to note that Hamas does not represent all Palestinians and among the Palestinians and among those who resist occupation are those who reject the Rāfiḍah, and do not want the support of Iran and its proxies, because they are heretics and are known to slaughter and butcher Sunnis, as they did in Iraq and Syria.

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