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Daniel Shapiro, Benjamin Haqiqatjou, the Rāfiḍah and the Weapon of Taqiyyah (Dissimulation) for Concealing Beliefs and Advancing Agendas

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Thursday, Jan 11 2024
Filed under Sects & Innovations

For the purposes of this article, Daniel Aaron Shapiro and Benjamin Reza Haqiqatjou are two entirely fictional characters and they are non-identical twins, brethren. One of them pretends to be with Christian conservatives, penetrating and championing certain talking points, defending traditional values and opposing leftism, liberalism and wokeism. He actively encourages them to become more Christian and to go to church. However, his overall, true and real intention is to acquire the trust of and direct large numbers of Christian populations through these talking points into pro-Zionist stances in order to advance the interests of the Jewish Zionist state, by creating a large American support base in terms of wealth and voting power. When it comes to the crunch however, he will quickly abandon his “America first” rhetoric in front of conservative Christian audiences of not sending Americans into foreign wars, and not wasting taxpayers' money overseas and so on, and very quickly show his true colours, which is to demand that Americans fund and also fight and die for the advancement of the Zionist project. So that’s one of the twins.

The other twin pretends to be with Sunni Muslims. He penetrates and champions conservative talking points, defending traditional values and opposing leftism, liberalism and wokeism through which he acquires a large audience of diverse sectarian backgrounds, since rejection of these affairs is natural to uncorrupted fiṭrah and intact morals. However, his overall, true and real intention is to gain the trust of and direct large numbers of Sunni Muslims into confusion at minimum regarding the Rāfiḍah and acceptance at best of the Rāfiḍah, while shielding them, with the wider goal of defending and/or supporting and advancing the geopolitical goals and agendas of the political and religious leaders of Irān, who are Rāfiḍī idol-worshippers upon the religion concocted by ʿAbd Allāh bin Sabaʾ and followed by Khomeinī and Khameini. To this end he promotes the seeds of Takfīrī-Khārijism in Sunni Muslim lands, makes blanket takfīr of Sunni Muslim rulers and of Salafi scholars, denigrates Sunni Muslim populations, and promotes hatred towards them, all on grounds of geopolitics, not creed, while at the same time warning the people not to make hasty takfīr of the Rāfiḍah Twelvers, bending over backwards, with stupefying acrobatics, to shield them, and concealing or downplaying their savage butchery of Sunni Muslims in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.

Both of these twins use the issue of Palestine to galvanise support for the geopolitical agendas of their own people. Of course, both the twins are masters in the art of dissimulation (taqiyyah) and this is what we want to explore further in this article.

The Brethren

Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah said:[1]

فإنَّ النفاق كثيرٌ ظاهرٌ في الرافضة إخوانِ اليهود، ولا يوجد في الطوائف أكثرُ وأظهرُ نفاقًا منهم؛ حتى يوجد فيهم النصيرية، والإسماعيلية، وأمثالُهم مِمَّنْ هو من أعظم الطوائفِ نفاقًا وزندقةً، وعداوةً لله ولرسوله

Hypocrisy is abundant and apparent among the Rāfiḍah, the brethren of the Jews, and there is not to be found among the factions, any that are more abundant and more apparent in hypocrisy than them. There are even found among them the Nuṣayris and the Ismāʾīlīs and their likes who are the greatest of all factions in hypocrisy, heresy and enmity to Allāh and to His Messenger.

He also said:[2]

ولا ريب أنَّ الرافضة فيهم شبهٌ قويٌّ من اليهود؛ فإنهم قوم بُهْتٌ؛ يريدون أن يطفئوا نور الله بأفواههم، ويأبى اللهُ إلاَّ أنْ يُتِمَّ نوره ولو كره الكافرون

There is no doubt that the Rāfiḍah have a strong resemblance to the Jews, they are an untruthful people [given to lies, slanders]. They desire to extinguish the light of Allāh with their mouths but Allāh refuses except to complete His light, even if the disbelievers hate it.

Ibn al-Qayyim said:[3]

وكحِيلَ اليهود وإخوانهم من الرافضة فإنهم بيت المكر والاحتيال، ولهذا ضُرِبَت على الطائفتين الذِّلَّةُ، وهذه سنة اللَّه تعالى في كل [مكار] مخادع محتال بالباطل

And such as the schemes of the Jews and their brethren among the Rāfiḍah, for they are an abode of plotting and scheming, and for this reason, humiliation was imposed upon both factions, and this is the Sunnah of Allāh the Exalted in relation to every schemer, deceiver and swindler through falsehood.

Taqiyyah as a Major Foundation of Religion with the Twelver Shīʿites

Taqiyyah (dissimulation) is one of the great foundations of the Twelver Shīʿite religion and it is required in their innovated religion because most Muslims know the repugnance of their beliefs regarding the Qurʾān, the Companions, the Wives of the Prophet, their considering ʿAlī to be Allāh Himself, or the actual and true Prophet, and attribution of Rubūbiyyah and Ulūhiyyah to their Imāms. Thus, taqiyyah becomes a means of protection for them and a cover for them to spread their poison to Sunni Muslims. The taqiyyah of the Rāfiḍah resembles the taqiyyah that the Talmud enjoins or permits with respect to the goyim.

One of the Shīʿite authorities known as al-Shaykh al-Mufīd writes in “Taṣḥīḥ Iʿtiqādāt al-Imāmiyyah”, providing a standard definition:[4]

التقية كتمان الحق و ستر الاعتقاد فيه و مكاتمة المخالفين و ترك مظاهرتهم بما يعقب ضررا في الدين أو الدنيا

Al-Taqiyyah is to conceal the truth and to conceal [one’s] belief therein, and to conceal it from the opposers [Ahl al-Sunnah] and to abandon displaying to them what will lead to harm in the religion or the world.

Another of their scholars, Ibn Bābuyah, says:[5]

Our belief regarding taqiyyah is that it is obligatory, whoever abandoned it is at the level of the one who abandoned the prayer.

And in what they fabricated of lies against Jaʿfar bin Muḥammad al-Sādiq (d. 148H):[6]

If I said that the one who abandons taqiyyah is like the one who abandons prayer, I would be truthful.

They even fabricated this above statement, “The one who abandons taqiyyah is like the one who abandons prayer”, as a ḥadīth and ascribed it to the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) as his saying. [7]

In Uṣūl al-Kāfī, they also ascribe to Jaʿfar bin Muḥammad that he said:[8]

Verily, nine tenths of the religion lies in taqiyyah and there is no religion for the one who has no taqiyyah.

Further, abandoning taqiyyah is a sin that is unforgivable like shirk (associationism), as their scholars say:[9]

And Allāh forgives the believer for every sin appearing in the world and hereafter, besides the two sins: Abandoning taqiyyah and neglecting the rights of [ones] brothers.

And in Uṣūl al-Kāfī, taqiyyah is considered the essence of religion:[10]

Indeed you are upon a religion which if you conceal it, Allāh will strengthen it, and if you divulge it, Allāh will humiliate it.

And also:[11]

Allāh (عز وجل) refused for us and you in His religion except taqiyyah.

Taqiyyah is also a continuous, collective practice as stated by Ibn Bābūyah:[12]

Taqiyyah is obligatory, it is not permissible to revoke it until al-Qāʾīm [their awaited leader] appears. Whoever abandoned it before his emergence has left the religion of Allāh the Exalted and the religion of the Imāmiyyah, and he has opposed Allāh, His Messenger and the Imāms.

Likewise, the Rāfidah Shīʿites fabricated lies against ʿAlī bin Mūsā al-Riḍhā (d 148H), and from what they relate:[13]

ʿAlī bin Mūsā al-Riḍhā said: “Verily, the most pious of you with Allāh is the most knowledgeable of you of taqiyyah.” It was then said to him: “O son of Allāh’s Messenger, until when?” And he replied: “Until the known hour which is the day of the appearance of our leader, so whoever abandoned taqiyyah before the appearance of our leader, then he is not of us.”

The Rāfiḍah Shīʿah also consider the lands of Islām as “Dār Taqiyyah” (Lands of Dissimulation) in which they are practice taqiyyah by obligation. They state in their books:[14]

To make taqiyyah in Dar al-Taqiyyah is obligatory.

Thus, when the Rāfiḍah are in a hostile abode—that is living among Sunni Muslims—then they are obligated to operate with taqiyyah. They say this explicitly while referring to a Sunni Muslim nation state as a false nation state:[15]

Whoever believes in Allāh and the Last Day, then let him not speak in a nation state of falsehood (dawlat al-bāṭil) except with taqiyyah.

There are many other quotes which are omitted for the sake of brevity, but they show that taqiyah defines their relationship and interaction with Sunni Muslims, whether in acts of worship, when they are forced to pray behind Ahl al-Sunnah, or in day to day interactions. All of these injunctions are stated clearly and explicitly in their books.

Thus, just like their brethren, the Jews,[16] believe that all nations are false and there is only one true nation, and that when their Messiah comes, they will take over what is between the Nile and the Euphrates inclusive of Makkah and Madinah with their Messiah leading them in victory over all nations, which will be subdued, then they, the Rāfiḍī Twelvers, also believe that all nation states of Muslims are states of falsehood, hypocrisy, apostasy and usurpation and when their awaited Imām comes, he will lead them in victory, and take back lands (including Makkah and Madinah) and authority. In the meanwhile however, they use taqiyyah (dissimulation, lies, hypocrisy) in order to shield themselves and to advance their agendas.

Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah on the Taqiyyah of the Rāfiḍah

Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah (رحمه الله) said:[17]

The Rāfiḍah are the most ignorant of all the factions, the most lying [of them] and the furthest of them from knowing transmission [of revealed knowledge] and having rational comprehension. They make dissimulation (taqiyyah) to be from the foundations of their religion and they lie upon Ahl al-Bayt with lies non can enumerate but Allāh. To the extent that they narrate about Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq that he said: “Taqiyyah is my religion and the religion of my forefathers.” And “Taqiyyah” is from the symbols of hypocrisy (nifāq), for its reality with them is that they say with their tongues what is not in their hearts, and this is the reality of hypocrisy.

He also said:[18]

As for the Rāfiḍah, then the foundation of their innovation arises from heresy (zandaqah) and disbelief (ilḥād) and deliberately lying is abundant among them. They corroborate that when they say: “Our religion is taqiyyah”, which is that one of them says with his tongue other than what is in his heart, and this is lying (kadhib) and hypocrisy (nifāq).

Yet alongside this, they claim that they are believers exclusive to those besides them from the people of the qiblah. They describe the first and foremost [in faith] with apostasy and hypocrisy, and they are, as has been said: “She accused me with her own iniquity, and then slipped away.”

There is not among those who make a display of Islām closer to hypocrisy and apostasy than them, and there are not found apostates and hypocrites in any faction greater than what is found among them.

So from the greatest of their traits is deliberately lying and using dissimulation and deception.

From Fiction to Reality: Daniel Haqiqatjou and Seeking Refuge in Taqiyyah

At the beginning of this article, we spoke of two fictional characters, Daniel Aaron Shapiro and Benjamin Reza Haqiqatjou and their activities, and here, we want to move from fiction to reality, because it helps us to understand what has preceded a bit more clearly.

Disclaimer: We are living in times when fiction itself is the reality, and may even fall short from it!

The video clip below is of an exchange that took place in Hyde Park (London, UK) between Shamsi and Haqiqatjou, who is a pro-Iranian, pro-Rāfiḍi Twelver apologist wearing the gown of Sunnism and the coat of anti-liberalism. The clip is a superb illustration of implementing taqiyyah, and getting caught out in real time, and it reveals the wider reality of Haqiqatjou.

Brother Shamsī (حفظه الله) reads out to Haqiqatjou his own words—which he has both written many times over and stated in his videos over and over and which he knows full well, are his own words—that so-called “Madkhalis” are run by state intelligence agencies.

Knowing that he would not be able to defend this under scrutiny, he then brings out the taqiyyah which is an essential part of the dīn of his ancestors, by saying, while pointing to the screen:

This is AI (meaning, a false image generated by artificial intelligence software), I’ve refuted this, where’s the date on this... I called that out as a fake screenshot.

Now Haqiqatjou knows full well these are his words, because nobody has pushed this idea so hard other than himself, through articles, videos and vitriolic social media posts. Rather, he is the flag-bearer in the west for this slander. He knows full well that he is lying out of his back teeth, when he makes the denial, operating upon the very hypocrisy promoted in the books of his ancestors: When in danger, do taqiyyah.

However, his actual tweet, as yet undeleted, is then pulled up, live from his feed, to show to him that these are his actual words, with the timestamp of his tweet, and showing 26.8K views, in which he clearly states that so-called Madkhalis are run by state intelligence agencies. The image below shows the first paragraph of the tweet and the timestamp and views.

This brief incident actually says and reveals a lot. And the moment it is exposed that a man is a calculated, deceitful, cunning liar, then his entire operation is exposed and all excuses fall to the side.

The reader should know and have certainty that all of Haqiqatjou's online activities against Sunni Islam and its lands, and their leaders—whom we do not claim are infallible and free of error, or sin, or oppression—can be characterised by this one incident, which reveals his true character. What Haqiqatjou did in this incident actually underlies the sum of his online activities, with anti-liberalism acting as a cover for his pro-Iranian, pro-Rāfiḍī geopolitics.

Namely, that he is a deceitful, lying, conniving hater, resentful perhaps that Iran and the Rāfiḍī Twelvers are not in possession and control of the Ḥijāz and the Ḥaramayn. He considers the Rāfiḍī idol-worshippers and ṭawāghīt to be far better than the Sunni Muslim rulers whom he calls hypocrites and apostates, merely because in regional geopolitics, they have a particular approach in dealing with the Palestine issue—which one may agree or disagree with—but which actually runs counter to both Zionist and Rāfiḍī geopolitical agendas at one and the same time, [19] which are increased militarism and conquest in or around Sunni Muslim lands. This is opposed to the way of Iran and its proxies, Hezbollah, the Houthis and Hamas as a pawn in the game,[20] which is to invite conflict and war, as part of their eschatology of hastening the arrival of their Imām-in-hiding, so they can conquer the Hijaz, take control over Makkah and Madinah and empty the graves of Abu Bakr and ʿUmar (رضي الله عنهما). Conversely, he bends over backwards to shield the Rāfiḍī Twelvers from rightfully having takfīr made upon them as a group,[21] for their clear doctrines of kufr and practices of shirk.

And this is the greatest of what exposes his taqiyyah, his deception and his hypocrisy in this respect.

One should note that when Haqiqatjou tries to claim that the Shīʿite clerics and leaders prohibit cursing of the Companions (رضي الله عنهم) or of ʿĀʾishah (رضي الله عنها) and what is similar from their repugnant doctrines of kufr and shirk, it is not because they have changed their views, and become more moderate over time, and thus the Rāfiḍah Twelvers are somehow other than what they used to be. Never! It is because they are implementing taqiyyah—which is nine tenths of their religion—because they want to ward off warranted criticism and hostile attitudes. Thus, when Haqiqatjou—who is so mentally retarded that he thinks all Sunni Muslims are that gullible and stupid—tries to push these claims, then he is looked upon as a docile donkey, upon whose backside the whip of Sunni, Salafi perspicacity is snapped and crackled, with the donkey being swiftly sent on its way.

Notes and Comments

01  Daniel Haqiqatjou’s agenda is to galvanise people of various sects, groups and factions against the people of Tawḥīd and Sunnah and most of those who fell for his deception and cover of refuting liberalism, wokeism and leftism from among the Muslims do not know his reality and actual agenda. Because they have sectarian differences with Salafis and their own grievances, many of them have rallied around him and supported his hostilities, without recognizing his reality, that he is a pro-Iranian, pro-Rāfiḍī apologist and an agent provocateur stirring up Takfīrī-Khārijism in Sunni Muslim lands. They have been deceived and caught up in his game, and this could be a punishment for them, for following their desires and not being truthful.

As one can readily see, his supporters, defenders and cheerleaders are the Khārijtes and the Rāfiḍah, and a man is known through the quarters from which love and acceptance are shown to him on grounds of doctrine.

02  Haqiqatjou aims to remove the clear distinction between the dīn of Islām and the dīn of the Rāfiḍī idol-worshippers by claiming that the differences between them are so minor and do not warrant sectarian differences and implementation of walāʾ and barāʾ. Thus, they are both agreed upon Tawḥīd, allegedly, according to Haqiqatjou (see video). His real aim is to spread shubuhāt (misconceptions), make excuses for the Rāfiḍah, urging tolerance, unity and compassion, while infusing Takfīrī-Khārijism in Sunni Muslim lands and stirring sedition. This blurring, confusion and obfuscation then allows the Rāfiḍah, upon the trust they have gained due to Haqiqatjou's taqiyyah, to call to their poison of Shīʿism, through taqiyyah.

03  The Palestine issue following 7 October 2023 is a red-herring and is only useful to Haqiqatjou in that it allows the furtherance of his anti-Sunni, pro-Iranian, pro-Rāfiḍī apologetics, and because it is a highly emotive issue through which the sentiments of large numbers of people can be easily captured.

These people shed crocodile tears for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, knowing full well that what led to the destruction of Gaza, the killing of more than 20,000 men, women, children and babies, and the displacement of 2 million, almost the entire population, was because Hamas—a pawn in the game, and a strategic asset for both the Zionists and the Rāfiḍah—provided, through its actions of October 7th, the pretext for the execution of genocide and ethnic-cleansing upon them.

As it stands, due to the recent actions of the Houthis, there is a prospect for a wider regional war, which is precisely what the international war-hawks desire.[22]

04  As explained in a previous article, it can only be Haqiqatjou’s mental retardation that prevents him from realising that the actual material cause of the killing of over 20,000 Palestinians and the ethnic-cleansing of two million of them, is the misguided action of the proxy and pawn in the game, Hamas, which is a tool and strategic asset for both the Rāfiḍah and the Zionists. And it is only severe mental retardation or cunning deceit and calculated lying, that he ascribes and puts the blame for this upon the Gulf states for wanting to follow the path of stability and prosperity for the region and cessation of all hostilities. This would have killed the war-mongering spirit and the agenda of both the Zionists and the Rāfiḍah at the same time. However, Haqiqatjou, blinded in both vision and insight, considers this approach to be the actual material cause of the death and destruction. It is indeed as Shaykh Islām Ibn Taymiyyah (رحمه الله) said, that the Rāfiḍah are forsaken, they do not have sound reason. [23]

05  In short, there are too many lies, deceptions, fraudulent behaviour, and dissimulation in the persona of Daniel Haqiqatjou to consider him anything other than a plant and agent provocateur, serving the interests and geopolitics of Iran and the Rāfiḍī-Twelvers, which converge with those of the Zionists. This is alongside the fact that he is also a rank ignoramus when it comes to Islām, its foundations, its methodologies, the affairs of Tawḥīd and Sunnah and so on, and so he wanders blindly, relying upon his ʿaql and the taqiyyah he inherited from his ancestors.

06  Finally, one should not be deceived by the apparent conflict and enmity between the Zionists and the Rāfiḍah, as that is on the surface only. When it comes to ground realities, they will both cooperate in directing their war efforts so as to have most impact upon Sunni Muslim lands and populations, whether immediately or in the long term, for their own geopolitical agendas and interests.

Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah (رحمه الله) said of the Rāfiḍah:[24]

For it is indeed known from their loyalty to the Jews, Christians and polytheists, and their assistance in fighting against Muslims what is known by the elite and common-folk, until it has been said: Verily, a Jew and a Muslim do not fight, nor a Christian and a Muslim, nor a polytheist and a Muslim except that the Rāfiḍī will be with the Jew, Christian and polytheist.

He also said: [25]

Their aiding of the Jews is a well known affair, until the people treated them as a donkey for them [the Jews].

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