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The Effects of Mental Retardation and Seeing ‘Madkhali’ Ghosts in One’s Sleep on Daniel Haqiqatjou: Pinning the Blame for Murder of Palestinians

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Friday, Dec 15 2023
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Daniel Haqiqatjou is an Iranian-American with a Shīʿite family background who identifies as a Sunni Muslim—which as Muslims we have to take at face value—but who practically functions at times as a ‘Christian Evangelist’, advocating and promoting the growth of Christianity (as a means of countering atheism and liberalism), to the extent that he even thinks attacking Islam is good for some Christians.

Often his fruitless, dry, philosophical debates with Islam-hating Christians whose hearts appear to have been sealed upon kufr, become fertile breeding grounds for propagation of doubts, with many Christians expressing admiration for his service to their cause.

He is also a ṣaḥīḥ bootlicker, having pioneered and exemplified the art and science of bootlicking avowed enemies of Islām, mockers of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), of his Wives and his Companions, and wagers of war against what Allāh revealed of truth and guidance. We outlined the principles of Haqiqatjouan Bootlick Science in a previous article from one of his masterful bootlicks of David Wood.

Likewise, Haqiqatjou gives respite and refuge to the Rāfiḍah Shīʿah from his tongue while Sunni Muslim societies are denigrated and ridiculed, and hordes of Daeshite-types, of like mental retardation, can be found supporting him on social media.

Upon this obvious and evident corruption in walāʾ and barāʾ, he makes use of critiques of atheism and liberalism as a foundation for his blanket takfīr of Muslim rulers, Sunni nation states, Salafi scholars and of Salafis in general, upon other than Shariʿah principles. Sources he relies upon for his attacks upon Salafis in particular (labelled so-called ‘Madkhalis’) are Zionist and Christian Orientalists.

At the same time, Haqiqatjou calls for the growth and flourishing of Christian societies because they share “traditional values” (regarding family and society) that oppose liberalism, while he dismisses Muslim societies and refers to them as “concentration camps doubling as gay nightclubs”, denying or refusing to acknowledge the abundant goodness that can be found therein.

This, in reality, is a type of treachery, desertion and abandonment, and can be considered from the traits of hypocrisy, as this behaviour cannot be reconciled with the necessities and corollaries of Īmān.

It appears that the basis of his walāʾ and barāʾ lies more in “traditional values” than it does in the foundations of Tawḥīḍ, Īmān and ʿĀqīdah, and this sufficiently explains the nature and reality of his misplaced activities and the great errors and misguidance therein.

Mental Retardation and Seeing ‘Madkhali’ Ghosts in Every Calamity: Building the Case for Psychotherapy

Haqiqatjou's tweet (see image) is a clear sign of mental retardation, losing grasp of reality and wilful self-delusion. He tries to blame the murder of Palestinians in the attack on Gaza, following Hamas's operation on October 7th, upon so-called ‘Madkhalis’.

He writes on Twitter (X) on December 12, 2023:

How many Palestinians must be murdered for Madkhalis to openly admit they were wrong for promoting normalization with Israel?

50,000? 100,000? 500,000? 1 million? Or will they never admit their treachery no matter how much Muslim blood is spilled?

Notes and Comments

01  Haqiqatjou’s aim here is to directly blame the murder of Palestinian civilians, men, women, children and babies, currently approaching 20 thousand or so, upon those whom he calls ‘Madkhalis’. The reason for this, he argues is that they—as a group—promote “normalization” with the Jewish, Zionist State, and he presents this to his audience as a material cause of the death and destruction we have seen in Gaza since October 2023.

This is an Orwellian tactic and is a blatant reversal of the realities. Whereas this loss of life followed directly on the heels of the Hamas operation of October 7th, which the Zionist occupiers took full advantage of—having advance knowledge of it—and did what they did to justify, through the action of Hamas, their campaign of terror, mass-murder, destruction of property, theft of land, child-killing, and ethnic cleansing. Yet, despite this obvious reality, Haqiqatjou wants to pin all of this on so-called ‘Madkhalis’.

02  That which the Sharīʿah allows, as explained by scholars, past and present—and in the contemporary period, by scholars such as Shaykh al-Albānī (رحمه الله) and Shaykh Bin Bāz (رحمه الله) who spoke about this issue specifically—is entry into time-bound or open ended treaties with non-Muslims or warring factions, including the Jews. However, they must be revokable and not permanent.

And as Shaykh Bin Bāz (رحمه الله) explained, entering in these treaties does not necessitate love and loyalty for the opposing party or warring faction. Rather, it is for strategic objectives, and for relief, to bring ease and security for the people for a period of time, to enable pursuits of livelihood and so on, without fear of loss of life or limb. On many occasions, the Muslims have entered into such treaties since the era of the Companions (رضي الله عنهم).

As for “normalization”, then this is a vague term, and if it includes anything that the Sharīʿah does not permit, then that cannot be agreed with. That which Salafis speak with and support, upon knowledge, is whatever remains within the bounds of the Sharīʿah.

However, practically speaking, what a particular ruler might do or engage in, in a particular scenario, from his ijtihād, might go beyond what the Shariʿah itself allows. He may advance economic interests (short or long term) over and above prohibitions or wisdoms that come in Sharīʿah and thereby fall into error and/or opposition and sin. This may return back to his views or misunderstandings in religion, errors of judgement, or the advisors he has in place, among other reasons. To scapegoat Salafis for these types of actions, when they make it explicitly clear that they do not condone anything that opposes the Shariʿah, is not from honesty.[1]

03  Upon that, the approach in which preserving life, property and further theft of land is paramount, is the one that Salafis consider to be from wisdom in the circumstances, this being a perfectly legitimate course of action, allowed in the Sharīʿah.

Thus, if this course had been pursued (within the limits of what the Sharīʿah actually allows), it would have saved tens of thousands of lives, and protection of property and land which have now been lost to the Zionist military occupiers. The warmongering spirit of both Zionist and Rāfīḍī[2] expansionism into Sunni lands would have been curbed.[3]

This approach is something the Zionists absolutely do not want, they hate it because it kills their settler-colonialist project dead in the water. This is what they fear the most and have done so for decades. But in Hamas and the Rāfiḍah (their apparent enemies), they have useful partners and strategic assets on the world stage. Keep in mind also that the land between the Nile and the Euphrates is overwhelmingly occupied by Sunni Muslims, and thus, there is convergence between the interests of the Zionists and the Rāfiḍah.

04  However, Daniel Haqiqatjou, who either suffers from bouts of mental retardation, or is simply a cold, cunning, calculated, deliberate liar and deceiver—[driven by malice and pursuit of agendas]—tries to pin the killing of tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza over the past two months upon these ‘Madkhali’ ghosts which he sees every night in his sleep and which seem to be behind every evil in the world.

In other words, he wants people to believe that the mere preference for a permitted alternative approach, which the Sharīʿah permits and which is found in the speech of great scholars of this era—and which should obviously comprise only what the Sharīʿah allows of revokable treaties—in which lives, property and land are saved from further grand-scale theft or destruction, is the material cause of the mass murder, large-scale destruction, and theft of property and land that has actually resulted from the actions of Hamas, a Trojan-horse asset for Jewish extremists, and in his twisted mind, he presents this as ‘treachery’ on behalf of these ‘Madkhali’ ghosts that appear to him in nightmares during sleep!

What a deluded moron, believed only by even more deluded morons.

What the Salafis actually advocate, in accordance with what the Sharīʿah allows, of that which agrees with wisdom and intellect in the circumstances, of a course of conduct which ensures the protection of further loss of life, further destruction of property and further theft of land, this liar presents and portrays as the actual material cause for the mass-murder and ethnic cleansing that has followed on the heels of the October 7th attack of Hamas.

Yet, this death and destruction in Gaza is claimed to be the fault of the ‘Madkhalis’, the ones whom he makes takfīr of because they did not agree with the action of Hamas and saw that it will bring greater harm upon the Palestinians and justify destruction of property and theft of land!

05  It is greatly feared for Haqiqatjou, if he continues in this path of flight into fantasy and his far-fetched lies, that he may in the future, post on social media that a sect called ‘Madkhalis’ was actually present during the era of the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and allied with the Jews of Khaybar against the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and his Companions. Given the constant, outrageous lies Haqiqatjou fabricates against so-called ‘Madkhalis’, this is not something far-fetched, and indeed, it is not far-fetched either, to say that many of his followers would actually believe it to be true!

These types of cheap lies and slanders in which so-called ‘Madkhalis’ are blamed for the woes of the ummah are nothing new and they have been circulating in various forms for the past three decades almost. These lies of Haqiqatjou will have the same fate when they expire in the face of evidence, facts and reason, start to decay and draw in fleas and flies, and the people will be able to clearly see and smell the trail (with its stench) that leads all the way back to him.

These lies are really motivated by sectarian hatred and grievance, and in reality, it is the case that the blood and lives of the Palestinians in Gaza are so cheap to Haqiqatjou, that he uses their plight and their suffering for sectarian hatred and upmanship against the ‘Madkhali’ ghosts that haunt his imagination.

06  Finally, it should be made clear that the Palestinians have a legitimate right to resist occupation, ethnic-cleansing and genocide. As our scholars have said, they do not know of a people more resilient and patient than them, so our supplications are with them, and we ask Allāh to grant them relief and victory over hate-filled, racist, genocidal, child and baby-killers who openly announce, boast and celebrate that they they are, in their eyes, wiping out “Amalek”. However, the Palestinian people are very sadly, victims of power-plays where various leaderships (secular and Islamic), and their external influencers and backers set the agendas.

1. The foundations of the Sunnah are that a ruler is obeyed in only what is good (maʿrūf), and he is not to be obeyed in disobedience to Allāh. As for things that are in the hands of the ruler, on the international stage, and issues to do with diplomacy, economy, war, peace, and so on, then while Muslims can give advice through the lawful and legislated means, these affairs remain in their hands simply as a matter of factual reality. They may be right or wrong in their choices and decisions, and they may or may not be advancing their own interests, or the interests of the people, but all of this does not change the fact that Muslims are still required to obey in whatever is good, and not to cause commotion, civil strife by attacking and condemning rulers, as it is a fruitless activity. This is not in validation of any sin or error, but in veneration of the Sunnah and so as not to contribute to any commotion and disturbances that can be seized upon by birds of prey.
2. The Rāfiḍah Shīʿah of Iran hate the Arabs because they are Persians, and because the Arabs ended the dominion of their Persian Magian ancestry. So they appeared as underground movements to end Islām from within and to restore their pre-Islamic glory.
3. Sadly, the Palestinians are victims in these power-plays and while Hamas, as an institution, or group, is certainly used as a tool by the Israeli-right, this is not to say that everyone in Hamas is wilfully colluding with Jewish extremists, or that Palestinians do not have a right to resist brutality, occupation and ethnic-cleansing. However, they have been given compromised leaderships that do not really work for their interests, because of the sources of their funding and support.

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