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REPORT • Monday, 23 Oct 2023

Excerpts from ‘The Preaching of Islam’ by Thomas Arnold

Drawing upon hundreds of resources written in more than ten languages, British Orientalist scholar Thomas Walker Arnold (d. 1930) provides a picture of the spread of Islām different from that of modern loons and rabid Islām haters. Download as a file.
By Abu Iyaad

Table of Contents

1 — Introduction
2 — Crusaders Accept Islām After Being Robbed and Cheated by Fellow Christians
3 — Crusaders Abandon Negative Perceptions of Muslims and Accept Islām After Interactions
4 — Native Christians Welcomed Muslim Rule to Escape Tyranny of Fellow Christians
5 — Christian Copts of Egypt Welcomed the Rule of Muslims to Escape Byzantine Oppression
6 — The Christians of Arabia Willingly Accepted Islām and Aided Muslims Against the Persians
7 — Christians Preferring the Justice and Toleration of Islām to Escape Persecution by Christians
8 — Patriarch of Antioch (1199 AD): Muslims Sent by God to Establish Justice Among Christians
9 — Christians of Syria and Jordan Welcoming Muslim Armies With Profound Respect
10 — Islām Saved Christians From Self-Destruction and Oppression and Gave Them Security and Justice
11 — Christians Rushed to the Purity of Islāmic Monotheism From a ‘Bastard Oriental Christianity’
12 — Islām Spread Swiftly Through Removal of Superstition, Corruption and Injustice
13 — 20,000 Jews, Christians and Magians Accepted Islām After Death of Imām Aḥmad bin Ḥanbal
14 — What Attracted Christians to Islām and Led Them to Conversion
15 — The Spread of Islām to Persia: Zoroastrians Welcome Muslims as Deliverers From Tyranny
16 — The Spread of Islām to Spain: Warmly Welcomed by Persecuted Jews, Down-Trodden Slaves and Social Classes
17 — Conclusion

1. Introduction

There is no moral and behavioural code which draws out perfection in human character in a more complete way than the code of Islām. If Muslims were to truly act upon this guidance, they would receive recognition and praise, as they often did in past centuries, when even warring enemies had to concede their moral and ethical superiority.

Sir Thomas Walker Arnold (d. 1930) was a knighted British orientalist scholar and historian of Islamic Art who wrote a book titled “The Preaching Islām” documenting the spread of Islām across the East and West. Drawing upon hundreds of resources written in more than ten languages, including those from centres of Orientalist studies such as Holland, Arnold provides a picture different from that of modern loons and rabid Islām haters.

In this report we provide numerous excerpts showing how the moral excellence and impeccable character of Muslims, alongside their justice led them to be welcomed by oppressed minorities and adherents of other religions, from the Jews, Christians and Magians.

© Abu Iyaad — Benefits in dīn and dunyā


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