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The Logic of Child-Killers and Baby-Murderers: Self-Preservation Between the Nightmares of Pharoah and the Psychoses of Jewish Supremacists

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Tuesday, Feb 13 2024
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Note: This article is in relation to a faction among the Jews whose views and actions are denounced by other Jews. Hence, this has nothing to do with ethnicity, but beliefs and actions. The Zionist scam of crying "anti-semitism" and invoking holocaust victimhood in order to deflect from crimes no longer works. This is what happens when you overplay your atrocity propaganda in the era of social media, get caught out repeatedly in real time, and show to the world what great liars you are. The ethnic-cleansing and genocide of Gaza that commenced in late 2023 has laid to waste the dubious shields of "anti-semitism" and holocaust victimhood. The likes of the ADL, Ben Shapiro, Rabbi Shmuley and other flim-flammers have rendered these terms meaningless.


Benjamin Mileikowsky is the current Prime Minister of the Rothschild Zionist Apartheid State of Israel—a settler-colonialist project put into motion in the 19th century through the ideologies of Zionism (nationalist, ethnostate for Jews) and Communism (collectivist, "melting-pot", liberal, woke states for all other nations) espoused by Moses Hess and Karl Marx.[1]

Mileikowsky is a Jew from Poland, from the Askhenazi Jews who, if we accept had Semitic origins, lost their “semitism” through centuries of intermarriage with foreign women during their Rhinelandic passage, as is established and proven.

His terrorist predecessors—David Ben-Gurion, Yitzhak Shamir, Menachim Begin, leaders of terrorist groups Haganah, Irgun, Stern Gang (Lehi)—are the ones who imported terrorism to the Middle East, after it had been a place of relative safety and security, in which Muslims, Jews and Christians, had for the most part, lived in peace for centuries under Ottoman rule.

These bloodthirsty terrorists unleashed bombings, massacres and torture upon both Arabs and the British, all of which are fully documented and well-reported. From them is the Deir Yassin massacre, the bombing of the King David Hotel and the assassination of Folk Bernadette, the Swedish diplomat and UN mediator (see here).

Following the October 7 attack by Hamas—a strategic asset nurtured and supported by the Zionists to enable and justify continued rounds of ethnic-cleansing and destroying all prospects of a Palestinian state—Mileikowsky’s regime, (with other European Askhenazi Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and elsewhere in key military positions) embarked upon a genocidal war against the Palestinian Arab Semite population of Gaza. They had been salivating for an event like this, which Hamas delivered to them. To date, over 30,000 people have been killed, close to half of which are children.

In committing this genocide and murder of women, children and babies, they are supported by Western nations with military aid, logistics and infrastructure, chief among them being the United States, United Kingdom and Germany in which Zionist organisations, lobbying power, bribery and blackmail (of the Epstein type) are used to whiplash politicians into place and viciously hound others for fear that they will hold power and influence but not support the interests of Rothschild Israel (Jeremy Corbyn is a good example).

Racist, ethnosupremacist, bloodthirsty Jews—who are denounced by other Jews—present a justification for the slaughter of children which they have inherited from Pharoah and his nightmares and which is reflected in their psychotic war jurisprudence of mass, wholesale slaughter in which no child is spared, for fear that one day that child might come back for revenge.

In this article we briefly explore this issue.

Pharoah's Nightmares and Murder-Spree for Self-Preservation

Reminding the Israelites of the trials and tribulations they were subjected to by Pharoah and his associates, Allāh (عز وجل) said:

And [recall, O Children of Israel], when Moses said to His people, "Remember the favor of Allāh upon you when He saved you from the people of Pharaoh, who were afflicting you with the worst torment and were slaughtering your [newborn] sons and keeping your females alive. And in that was a great trial from your Lord. (14:6-).

Regarding the slaughtering of children, Imām al-Baghawī (رحمه الله) writes in his exegesis:

Pharoah saw in his dream that a fire approached from the direction of Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem), had surrounded Egypt and burned every Egyptian therein but did not harm the Israelites. This terrified him so he asked his oracle priests about his dream. They said that a boy will be born among the Israelites in whose hands is his (Pharoah’s) destruction and cessation of his empire. So Pharoah ordered with the killing of every newborn among the Israelites. He gathered all the midwives and told them that any male child from the Israelites that comes into their hands should be killed but females should be left alone. So they began to do that until it was said that 12,000 Israelite children were killed in pursuit of [preventing the birth of] Moses. Wahb (d. 110H) [Jewish convert to Islam from Yemen] said: “It has reached me that in pursuit of Moses (عليه السلام) 90,000 newborns were killed.” Thereafter, when the elderly population increased among the Israelites, they went to Pharoah and said: “Are you going to kill their young, and then their elderly die so that we will then have to do all the labour?” So Pharoah ordered that they are to be slaughtered one year and left the next year. Aaron was born in the year in which they did not slaughter newborns and Moses was born in the year that they slaughtered newborns.

Pharoah was having nightmares, dreams in which he saw a fire engulf his empire and his subjects, with the exception of the Israelites. Fearing his own death at the hand of an Israelite and the demise of his empire, he pursued a policy of slaughtering all male Israelite newborns for fear that one day, one of these children will grow up to challenge him, destroy him and end his empire.

One should keep in mind that Pharoah was not intent on wiping out and erasing the Israelites in their entirety.

Genocidal Child-Killing and Baby-Murdering Rabbis Inheriting the Psychopathy of Pharoah

These Jewish Rabbis are effectively child-killers and baby-murderers because they provide the religious rulings and justifications for the military and the ground soldiers who carry out these deeds.

Here, listen to these merciless, hard-hearted barbarians espouse what they deduce from the fabricated altered Torah that is in their hands which is not the Torah of Moses (عليه السلام).

Here is Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi who says, "Amazing" at the Torah Mitzvah of slaughtering breastfed babies and not leaving any memory of the filthy nation being subjected to genocide:

Listen to this depraved racist, ethnosupremacist Jewish terrorist who has been brainwashed by his religious leaders, he is on a video call to his wife, bragging about killing 12-year olds and now looking for babies to slaughter:

There can be found on social media thousands of horrific pictures of children and babies slaughtered through bombing, shooting, being buried alive, or starved to death, which ordinarily speaking should spark outrage, with immediate mobilisation of armies, naval ships, fighter jets, followed by invasion of Rothschild Israel, in the same way that Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were invaded and/or bombed to oblivion (albeit under false pretenses, to steal resources).

There are two types of rules-based international order. One for Europeans, Zionists, including the Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian Jews running Rothschild Israel, the importers of terrorism to the Middle East, and another for "sand-negroes" sitting on gas and oil.

This could not have become any more clearer with the Gaza genocide, which has been aided and abetted by rogue governments through provision of arms, missiles, bombs, fighter jets, intelligence gathering, AI technology and diplomatic cover. This duplicity and utter hypocrisy has been exposed and denounced and condemned by all the populations of the world, the ordinary people.

Pharoah Versus the Rabbis

It is clear that Pharoah had only the male borns killed, and even then, after his ministers told him that this policy would lead to his own people being forced into labour due to the demise of the Israelite population, he then changed his policy of only having male borns killed every other year. Thus, he was not intent on genocide, he only feared that a leader would appear among the Israelites that would end his empire. Hence, he took precautions to try and prevent that occurrence (in vain), but without annihilating the entire population.

In contrast, the bloodthirsty, ethnosupremacist Rabbis quoted above and the political leaders of the Jews in question who have clear statements of genocidal intent seek the complete annihilation of those whom they consider “Amalekites”, sparing not even the breastfed baby and nor even livestock. So they have surpassed even Pharoah in their blood lust, and they, such as Rabbi Yosef, even call this "amazing"!

Facts Don't Care About Feelings, Not Even Those of Genocide Supporters, Child-Killers and Baby-Murderers

So the facts here are that the killing of children and babies is not mere "collateral damage" and just an inevitable part of war and unintended. It is an actual mitzvah (religious ruling, fatwa, observation, command) and it is an actual policy that is being pursued and enjoined by religious and political leaders and implemented by the brainwashed donkeys on the battlefield, such as the one in the video above who tells his wife he is looking for babies to kill.

Mr. Ben "Blood-Libel" Shapiro

A final word: Sorry Mr. Shapiro, but your cheap, worn-out, meaningless accusation of “blood libel” does not work any more, nobody is buying it because they have seen through liars and fraudsters like you: intelligence operatives deceiving American conservatives, pretending to care for Christian America, and speaking of "Judeo-Christian values" when in reality its all a charade. Your mask has been uncovered, your hypocrisy laid bare, and now Christians are telling you on social media: "There is no Judeo in my Christianity".

In short, facts don't care about your feelings Ben.

1. The events of the takedown of the Ottoman empire by the Young Turks (Donmeh Crypto-Jews), the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, and the two World Wars are all connected and tied to Zionism and the creation of Rothschild Israel.

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