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The Pagan Arabs Affirmed Al-Qadar, Its Good and Its Evil

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Friday, Mar 10 2023
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The negation of al-Qadar and the claim that affairs take place within Allah's creation that are outside of His knowledge, will and creative power was not known to the Pagan Arabs and was something foreign to them.

Imām al-Lālikāʾī (رحمه الله) relates:[1]

Aḥmad bin Yaḥyā bin Thaʿlab said: “The Qadariyyah are those who claim that they are able [to act outside of Allāh’s will and power], and we say, ‘We are not able [to act] except through the power of Allāh, the aid of Allāh and the granting of success by Allāh. If he does not do that for us, we are not able.’ So how can the one who claims he is not able [to act] be a Qadarī? This is an impossible, an opposite.” He said: “I do not know of an ʿArab Qadarī.” It was said to him: “The [doctrine of negating al-Qadar] occurs in the hearts of the Arabs?” He said: “Refuge is from Allāh, there is not among the Arabs except the affimer of al-Qadar, its good and its evil, both the people of Jāhiliyyah and Islām, and that is found clearly and plentiful in their speech and their poetry.”

Arabic Text

1. Sharḥ Uṣūl Iʿitiqād Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jamāʿah (no. 1309).

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