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Shaykh Ibn Bāz on Abandoning Prayer in the Mosque While Sick With Influenza with the Claim of Contagion

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Written November 2021
Filed under Tawḥīd

Shaykh Ibn Bāz (رحمه الله) was asked:

When a man suffers from what is called “influenza”—this being an illness despite which a man is still able to leave his house, though it is a “contagious illness” as the doctors say—would it be permitted for this man to pray in his house so that he does not harm or annoy others, using the analogy of the one who ate garlic or onions and was prohibited from coming to the mosque. [Keeping in mind that] the cold (zukām) is a compelling [type of] illness and is not [like] food that a man eats through choice?

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Shaykh Ibn Bāz on Abandoning Prayer in the Mosque For Fear of Contagion
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