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What Virologists Do Simplified

The claims of virology and virologists (transmissible "pathogenic viruses" as causes of disease) are not scientific and are not demonstrated through the scientific method, they are wholly pseudoscientific in nature.

What virologists do:

01  Turning the effect into the cause: A good example to show the reality of the claim of the virologists is that of charcoal and ashes that remain after a fire. The virologists' claim in their own field is similar to the claim that the charcoal and ashes were the cause of the fire because they are always found at the scene of the fire. It can also be put in another way, that the ground being wet was the cause of rainfall.

They start with the unproven assumption that the breakdown elimination products (which are a result or effect of the body's internal repair and healing mechanism caused by other factors) are the cause of illness.

02  Making with your own hands the very thing you are looking for: Another good example that has been struck in that what virologists do is similar to the one who gets milk from a cow, makes strawberry yoghurt out of it, and then claims that this very yoghurt is in the cow. Or the one who takes eggs from a chicken, makes an omelette with peppers, mushrooms and onions, and then claims this omelette is inside the chicken. Or the one who takes fresh strawberries from the bush, adds milk and a banana to make a smoothie and then claims this smoothie exists in the strawberry bush. The yoghurt, omelette and smoothie are products of human endeavour and do not exist in cows, chickens and strawberry bushes.

"In vivo" is what is in the body, "in vitro" is what happens in a test tube in a laboratory, and "in silico" is what exists on computer. The alleged "pathogenic virus" is manufactured in vitro and in silico and does not exist in vivo.

03  An "In silico" existence: What virologists are calling “viruses” are manufactured in the laboratory, they are cellular breakdown products of monkey kidney cells which, after being initially kept alive with bovine fetal serum, are poisoned and starved, leading to cell death. Irrespective of whether you add a patient sample containing the alleged virus or not, the same thing is going to happen, because it is the procedure itself that is causing the cells to die and break into thousands of particles and vesicles. Genomic sequences (from the hotchpotch of human, bovine, monkey, bacterial and archeal nucleic acids) are fabricated using computer software. There is no correlation between what they have made and physical reality. There is no omelette in a chicken, and there is no such thing as a “pathogenic virus” in biology, it is a manufactured construct and exists only "in silico", meaning on computer. The "variants" they are scaring us with, exist only on computer and are not real. The existence of a "pathogenic virus" is simply assumed all along and never proven at all through the correct application of the scientific method. It is raw pseudoscience, superstition and make-believe.

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