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Imām al-Shanqīṭī on the Approach to Modern Scientific Theories

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Tuesday, Feb 06 2024
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Allāh the Exalted said: “To Allāh belongs the creation and the command.” (7:54-). With respect to His command, that is what He legislates upon His servants, through His revelation, through His speech, and His speech is uncreated as it is from His attributes, and in this verse Allāh distinguished between His command (His speech) and His creation.

The Scholars of the Muslims have explained that this legislation falls into categories. That which is revealed (munazzal), that which is interpreted (muʿawwal) and that which is altered (mubaddal). So the first is what Allāh revealed, in meaning and application, as it is, as intended, it is the Qurʾan and the authentic Sunnah. The second refers to the opinions of the scholars and the third refers to lies and innovations attributed to the Sharīʿah.[1]

With respect to what Allāh created, then we can say that there is what Allāh created, as it is in His knowledge of its reality, purpose and wisdoms. Then there is man’s attempt to understand it, through the process of scientific inquiry, which can be theory-laden and subjective, so it is his interpretation of the reality that Allāh created, and he may be correct, or close, or remote from the truth therein. And then there are what amount to gross errors, lies and falsehoods which are claimed to represent creational reality, but which are the opposite of the truth, an alteration, distortion or falsification of creational reality.

Some of these lies and falsehoods can impact the affairs of creed and Tawḥīd, whether in belief or action, and are therefore dangerous and harmful.

Below is some guidance in this respect from the Shaykh and Imām, Muḥammad al-Amīn al-Shanqīṭī (رحمه الله). I thank the brother who brought this speech to my attention.[2]

The Shaykh (رحمه الله) stated:[3]


New inventions have appeared and claims have been made by the propounders of new theories [regarding which] people are divided into two categories:

A category that hastens with rejection, and another that hastens with acceptance. However, both groups use the texts of the Qurʾān and the Sunnah as evidence.

Perhaps it is befitting for it to be said:

Modern theories are of two types:

Theories that contradict what is clear of the Qurʾān, these are rejected without dispute, such as the theory of the stationary sun [which contradicts] His saying, the Exalted: “And the Sun runs its course for a term appointed.” (36:38-).

And a theory that does not contradict with a Qurʾānic text, which [the Qurʾān] has not mentioned and for which we do not possess scientific means that support it or reject it.

Hence, it is befitting that we do not hasten with a definitive ruling, [whether] in acceptance or rejection, This [approach] is taken from the incident of the Hoopoe and [the people of] Sabaʾ (Sheba) with the Prophet of Allāh, Sulaymān, when [the Hoopoe] came to inform them, while he (عليه السلام) did not know anything about them. So he do not reject the report because it was from the Hoopoe and nor did he believe it because he had no prior knowledge about them, alongside [the fact] that the Hoopoe had described their situation with detail.

And the position he took (عليه السلام) was a position of verification, while he possessed various means of acquisition [of knowledge] and verification, such as the wind, birds and the Jinn. So he said to the Hoopoe: “We shall see whether you spoke the truth or you are among the liars.” (27:27-)

And we, in this era, do not have greater capabilities that the Prophet of Allāh, Sulaymān had back then. Likewise, those who report on these theories are not lesser [in number or stature] than the Hoopoe. Hence, at minimum, our position should be the position of the one who waits to see if the report is to be believed or its lie exposed.

The purpose behind this notification is so that we do not make the word(s) of the Qurʾān to bear [such meanings] that are not clearly contained therein, and [that we do not impose upon it] what it does not bear, and then the falsity of the theory, or its truthfulness becomes apparent, and [as a result] we make the Qurʾān to be comparable [in its veracity] to modern scientific theories.

The Qurʾān is above all of that: “Falsehood cannot approach it from before it or from behind it. It is a revelation from [One Who is] all-Wise, Worthy of all praise.” (41:42-)

From the speculative, conjectural, false theories are the following:

01 The Big Bang Model

From the false theories that clash with the Qurʾān is the Big Bang Model of Cosmology. As it is a “model” that has not been arrived at by the scientific method itself, it has a lower status than a “theory”, which in the realm of science, refers to a fairly well-established explanation or understanding of a phenomenon, that has been arrived at through the application of the scientific method.

The Big Bang Model is rejected by a substantial number of scientists and physicists, because there is no real evidence for it, and it is simply propped up with mathematical fakery and make-believe.

James Peebles, Albert Einstein Professor of Science, Emeritus and also Professor of Physics, Emeritus—the most cited proponent of the Big Bang model— states:[4]

It is sensible and prudent that people should continue to think about alternatives to the standard model [Big Bang], because the evidence is not all that abundant.

Because the conjecture of the Big Bang Model is useful for the people of speculative theology (ahl al-kalām)—as it provides them with a starting point for the creation of the universe and reconciles with their false premise of the “impossibility of an endless chain of events in the past”—they affirm and believe it, despite it being without evidence. Then they make speculative and blameworthy interpretation of the Qurʾān, claiming that the Qurʾān alludes to the Big Bang expansion. These are lies and this entails speaking about Allāh without knowledge.

Michio Kaku is a famous physicist and he has numerous statements indicating that the Big Bang Model is false and has been put to rest, because real world measurements are exponentially different to the alleged mathematics on paper. However, he replaces one fairy tale with others, such as the speculation that there is an endless cycle of expansion and contraction giving rises to many universes, which undergo attraction, or that we are living in a “supermassive black hole”. It makes you wonder where they pull these outlandish ideas from.

In any case, this model is pure conjecture, and no Muslim should be blindly following these misguided people in their speculations and then ascribing these falsehoods to the Book of Allāh.

Refer to “Big Bang Cosmology and the Qurʾān” for more details on this subject matter.

02 The Solar System Model

The Solar system is also just a model and it is part of Big Bang Cosmology religion in which the aim is to make the Earth to be a small insignificant speck in an ever-expanding cosmos, and to consider all stars to be suns with their own potential “planets” with the possibility of life existing therein. All of this is speculation and conjecture, devoid of proof, and is based on the desire to reject a Creator.

The heliocentric model is a philosophically preferred model and basic sensory perception falsifies it. The Earth does not move and no evidence has been provided that it moves. In fact, in the 20th century, physics had to be reinvented and mystified because during the whole of the 19th century—when instrumentation and basic understanding of the physics of matter and light had progressed to a degree where the alleged motion of the Earth could be empirically tested and determined—all experiments to detect Earth’s motion between 1810 and 1887 failed. This led to a crisis in physics and cosmology and the charlatan and plagiarizer known as Albert Einstein was manufactured as a genius and a hero by championing relativity in which stationary Earth physics and mathematics were transformed and obfuscated through mathematic and linguistic tricks.

For more detaled information on this refer to: Keeping a Stationary Earth Moving

The truth: The Earth is stationary and the sun, moon and stars orbit over and around it in circular motion. They are all within the lowest heaven, and the heaven is a physical construction that cannot be penetrated and transgressed.[5]. The sun, moon and stars operate like a clock, the sun measures the day, from noon to noon, or sunrise to sunrise, or sunset to sunset, within which are variations. And the moon's phases provide a measure for the month, and the stars provide adornment, means of navigation and protection of the sky. They also provide background motion against which epochs (longer periods of time) are measured. The sun makes an orbit in an average of 24 hours, the moon in 24 hours and 50 minutes and the starts in 23 hours and 56 minutes. It is not possible for anyone to surpass the lowest heaven and escape it.

When these truths were realised in the early to mid-20th century, falsifying the 500 year-old Copernican system, an indoctrination campaign with science-fiction and space movies was started in order to hide the reality about the realm in which we live. Likewise, certain institutions such as NASA and various geological orgnisations were set up in order to conceal realities and gatekeep in this affair.

Most people do not know the real status of these theories and models, which are nothing but pure speculation and conjecture. Physicists, astronomers and historians of science all readily admit that models are philosophically chosen and that the Earth being at rest cannot be dismissed on grounds of science.

Lincoln Barnett (1909-1979CE) wrote in his book: “The Universe and Dr. Einstein” (with a forward by Einstein himself), “... for we cannot feel our motion through space; nor has any physical experiment ever proved that the earth actually is in motion.” Stephen Hawking wrote: “Although it is not uncommon for people to say that Copernicus proved Ptolemy wrong, that is not true... one can use either picture as a model of the universe, for our observations of the heavens can be explained by assuming either the earth or the sun to be at rest.” The Austrian physicist Ernst Mach (1838-1916) stated: “...the motions of the universe are the same whether we adopt the Ptolemaic or the Copernican mode of view. Both views are, indeed, equally correct.” George Ellis is a famous astronomer who authored books with Stephen Hawking. In a profile in Scientific American W.W. Gibbs quotes Ellis: “People need to be aware that there is a range of models that could explain the observations... For instance, I can construct you a spherically symmetrical universe with Earth at its center, and you cannot disprove it based on observations... You can only exclude it on philosophical grounds... What I want to bring into the open is the fact that we are using philosophical criteria in choosing our models. A lot of cosmology tries to hide that.”

For more quotations refer to the article: Qurʾānic Evidences For the Motion of the Sun

03 The Theory of Evolution

This theory claims that all life started from a common ancestor and evolved and diversified through “natural selection” acting upon “random mutations”. This is also another false theory in which intentionality and purposeful creation as an action is taken away from a Creator and cryptically assigned to nature and matter. There is not a shred of scientific evidence that proceeds upon the scientific method that demonstrates this. The mechanism that made materialists, atheists and Darwinists exult and become intellectually fulfilled, “natural selection and random mutations” has been falsified and shown to be impossible, and is now openly admitted.

Very sadly, many Muslims, suffering from an inferiority complex and operating from a back-foot position, having believed these lies, thinking them to be certainties, try to reconcile them with the Qurʾān by attributing these speculations to certain verses. This is speaking about Allāh without knowledge.

The truth: All biological life is the product of intentionality, or choice with intent (or of knowledge, will, power, wisdom). Life has a universal interoperable “operating system” so to speak, which, within each organism, gives it its form, structure, traits and behaviours. This system of biological life has within it, a pre-programmed, in-built capacity for adaptability to the environment and also novelty—which evolutionist may call “microevolution”—however, there are limits and boundaries to that adaptability and novelty. No evidence following the scientific method has ever been demonstrated that biological life arose from dead, inert chemicals and then evolved into all the life forms we observe today, through non-directed, non-forward looking processes.

Thus, Allāh (عز وجل) created each and every life form (through a universal “operating system” of biological life), gave it its form, level of awareness, understanding, intellect and activity within the scheme of creation. Within that scheme, He also pre-programmed creativity and novelty, such that plants can diversify and certain animals (“species”) are able to mate with each other to provide viable fertile offspring. Biological life is studied as an information science and this is clear evidence of intentionality, purpose and wisdom: ( فَتَبَارَكَ ٱللَّهُ أَحۡسَنُ ٱلۡخَـٰلِقِينَ ) “So blessed be Allāh, the Best of Creators.” (23:14-) Attributing all of this to the randomness of physicochemical interactions and claiming it is directionless and purposeless, is the saying of the arrogant or insane.

Darwinism is a speculative, conjectural, philosophical belief system clothed in the garb of science, it is just a “secular religion” has been readily admitted by some Darwinian evolutionists.

04 The Global Warming Theory

This is the theory that carbon dioxide, a gas essential for plant life and for food systems on the Earth is a pollutant that causes harmful “global warming” and that man’s activity (breathing, living, earning a livelihood, travel) is a cause of the Earth’s destruction.

This is a diabolical and utterly fraudulent theory, and is based upon lies, fraud, deception and bought science. What is astounding however, is that despite the obvious falsehood in trying to treat carbon dioxide as a pollutant, they have gotten away with it so far because of bought science and incessant, never-ending propaganda, and they have tricked many nations into destructive, harmful policies, under the guise of saving the planet.

The perpetrators of this scam are focusing greatly on children because they lack the critical thinking faculties and background knowledge to see through these lies and their emotions can be easily manipulated and tricked into believing that owning no property and being happy as a slave is the way to save the Earth. To this end, they manufacture personalities and heroes, such as Greta Thunberg, so that children can relate to someone of their own age. Hence, it is important to educate children about these lies and to protect them from this vile, insidious Communist, Collectivist propaganda.

For more details, refer to this article: Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Luḥaydān on the Claim That Soaring Heat Is Caused by Depletion of the Ozone Layer and Refutation of the Climate Alarmists

05  The Fraud and Pseudoscience of Viral Contagion Theory

From the most evil and harmful of false, unproven, rather, disproven theories is the claim that there are Darwinian pathogenic viruses which first emerged from the “warm pond” and evolved through natural selection to become invaders that cause disease in animals and humans. Though this has become a dominant medical theory, believed by millions—similar to how innovations and misguidance in religion become prominent and widespread, believed and followed by millions, if not billions—it is riddled with fraud and deception.

There is no such thing as a “pathogenic virus” in the scheme of Allāh’s creation and not a single shred of evidence meeting the requirements of the scientific method has been demonstrated for it. Hearing this for the first time is just like hearing for the first time in religion that there is not a single shred of evidence that the Prophet or his Companions celebrated his birthday as an act of devotion and worship and that it is innovation and misguidance. It's hard to hear something contrary to what you and your ancestors, for generations, have accepted as truth. Further, social proof, the fact that millions believe it and practice it, including intelligent and learned people, is not an acceptable form of evidence in religion, if it is not based on evidence. The same applies to scientific theories and claims.

Upon that, the claim of viral contagion is also baseless and it too has been empirically falsified in hundreds of experiments during the early 20th century onwards. See for example, polio and the flu, common cold and measles. This does not mean that epidemics and pandemics do not occur. It simply means that the causes of these outbreaks of disease are not “Darwinian viruses” but return back to other causes and factors which are summarised in the two broad categories of toxicity (poisoning)[6] and insufficient nutrition (deficiency).[7]

Some are of the view that “viruses” are simply biological soaps which are released by cells during cleansing and detoxification processes driven by fever, and others hold that they are transporter vesicles or communications messengers involved in the excecution of these processes. These views are credible, can be supported, and provide a more accurate way of affirming “viruses”. But as for the “pathogenic virus” resting on Darwinian evolution, which invades, multiplies, mutates, there is zero evidence for this and the entire enterprise rests on fraud and deception.

The Virologists are misinterpreting observations and turning effects into causes, similar to how charcoal and ashes are wrongly interpreted to be the cause of the fire, rather than its effect. Thereafter, they engage in self-delusion in the laboratory when they try to grow so-called viruses by poisoning and starving monkey kidney epithelial cells until they die and break down. The effect (the cell breakdown into thousands of particles) is caused by the experimental procedure. However, they attribute it to a "virus", with the mere assumption that it exists and is the cause. However, the “pathogenic virus” is imaginary and exists only in vitro (in their experimental procedures, through pure assumption) and in silico (on computer, as made-up nucleic acid sequences). It does not exist in vivo (in biology itself).

These are established realities.

As for bacteria, this is a separate discussion. They are obviously real, true, observable, and are involved in disease processes, though they are not primary agents of disease, this has also been thoroughly established in the early 20th century. Bacteria are janitorial in nature and are involved in breakdown, clean-up, refactoring, repurposing and so on.[8] They are consequential to other causes, similar to how ambulances and fire-engines are consequential to accidents, not their cause.

A “virus” exists only by definition, not in physical reality, it is defined into existence (see review of historical papers).

As mentioned above, in physical reality, cellular breakdown products, proteins and genetic fragments are misinterpreted as external pathogenic agents. The “virus” is abstracted into existence from these proteins and genetic fragments. In experiments conducted by virologists, it is the experimental procedure itself that produces the particles claimed to be “viruses” through poisoning and starvation of cell cultures. This sleight of hand trickery took shape in the 1950s after virology and viral contagion were thoroughly disproven in the fifty years prior.

The entire “vaccination” enterprise[9] is built upon this fraud and it serves numerous agendas, especially for the Malthusian Eugenicists. The claim that vaccines eradicated disease is another myth and fallacy and is used for propaganda purposes.

We have written about this extensively elsewhere and we advise all Muslim physicians, scientists, researchers to look at this issue with an open mind, to objectively seek the truth. If they do so, they will come to this same conclusion and realise that the following three statements are equivalent, two religious, and one worldly:

  • There is not a single shred of evidence from the Righteous Salaf that they metaphorically interpreted the verses of the Attributes to make them conform to Aristotelian ideas of Divine perfection.
  • There is not a single shred of evidence from the Qurʾān and the Sunnah, the action of the Companions or the Salaf, that they ever celebrated the Prophet’s birthday.
  • There is not a single shred of evidence that follows the scientific method of inquiry that there is such a thing as a “pathogenic virus” which invades from outside and causes disease and that its transmission from person to person gives rise to contagion.

To learn more, you can read the following:

See also: Stages of Virology and What Virologists Do. For good background reading with more detail refer to: The "Virus" Model

Refer also to the excellent website: Viroliegy.

In short, no respectable person in 2024 and beyond who has the means to investigate this objectively ought to believe in this superstitious, disproven theory of pathogenic viruses causing disease, especially when it has implications upon creed and behaviour, impacting the perfection of Tawḥīd. Muslim scholars, past and contemporary, warned from exaggerating in this regard and imitating the ways of the disbelievers in exceeding the bounds and following superstition. Imitation occurs by blindly accepting their scientific theories and their exaggerated claims which have not been throughly investigated from their very foundations and verified.

A lot of people do not like to hear this, especially in light of the Covid-19 fraud foisted upon the world (it's not the first and won't be the last), but ultimately, the onus of proof is upon them to prove their superstitious belief in pathogenic Darwinian viruses. Certainly, they will come back empty-handed, just like in the religious sciences, a Jahmī Muʿaṭṭil or a Ṣūfī Mubtadiʿ will come back empty-handed because he has nothing but fabricated narrations and misinterpretations that do not meet acceptable standards of proof. In science, the evidence is the scientific method, correctly applied.


Very sadly, many of these false and speculative theories have found their way into the curriculums and textbooks of the Muslims, in their lands, despite the fact that some of them—such as the solar system model requiring a stationary sun relative to Earth—clash directly with the Qurʾān and constitute takdhīb (rejection, denial). So just as Shaykh al-Shinqīṭī (رحمه الله) said, it is upon Muslims to take a cautionary approach and not just believe these ideas and the reports that convey them without genuine verification through appropriate means.

You will find often that the non-Muslims themselves refute these theories and models because they are baseless, have not been arrived at through the scientific method and are not matters of consensus at all. Or, they are just philosophically preferred views because they support materialism and atheism, as is the case with the Big Bang and the Solar System Model. Or, they are useful for markets, profits, control, and embezzlement of purses under the guise of health and biosecurity, as is the case with the fraud of virology and whatever is built upon it. It is not a genuine attempt to understand the true, multicausal, multifactorial nature of disease.

1. Refer to Majmūʾ al-Fatāwā of Ibn Taymiyyah (3/268).
2. The speech of the Shaykh was sent to me by Munīb al-Somālī a week ago.
3. Refer to Aḍwā al-Bayān, tafsīr of Sūrah Mulk (67:5).
4. Principles of Physical Cosmology, (Princeton University Press, 1993) p. 226.
5. Low-earth orbit can be achieved, however there is a fluid environment at a certain altitude which has not yet been penetrated.
6. This can include many things in the modern era, such as synthetic chemicals in foods, adjuvants in vaccinations, medications, harmful cooking techniques (frying), pollution of water and air and so on.
7. The food supply in general has been devitalised, meaning stripped of nutritional value and content, due to the way food is produced on mass scales, and also other factors, the main one being sin and disobedience, as that leads to deprivation of blessing in foodstuffs.
8. In certain situations, the breakdown products produced by bacteria can be very toxic and harmful, due to the nature of the ingested or inoculated material, and in such situations, antibiotics maybe necessary as an emergency.
9. Though highly profitable in themselves, vaccines create additional markets for big pharma, where the long-term profit and business lies. When children are injected with toxic adjuvants, foreign biological material (usually from animal cell-cultures) in the early part of their life, they become potential life-long customers due to compromised health and complications which surface later in life.

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