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Virology Stages

Virology has three stages of evolution:

01  The stage of common sense principles and real life empirical testing of the claim of transmission of diseases like flus and colds. This was the early to mid 20th century. These experiments mostly failed or were inconclusive, leading to doubts about the existence of "transmissible pathogenic viruses", meaning, external disease-causing agents. The most famous of these experiments are the Rosenau experiments of 1918 and 1919 (see examples) involving the US Navy.

02  The stage of the laboratory cell culture, this is where the sleight of hand trickery began, during the 1950s, where the experimenter, through starvation and poisoning built into the experimental procedure, causes monkey kidney epithelial cells to become malformed or to die and break up into thousands of particles. These are then claimed to be particles of the imaginary virus, when they are nothing but debris (genetic material, proteins) of cells that have broken down by the experimental procedure itself. The nucleic acids derived from this cell culture are not from a "virus" but genetic debris from human, bovine and monkey cells. From here, computer software is used to fabricate a genomic sequence that has no existence in physical reality.[1]

Because genuine experiments falsified viral contagion, poisoning and starving monkey kidney cell cultures became a sleight of hand trick to maintain belief in viruses as external pathogenic agents.[2]

03  The stage of genomic sequencing, where patient samples can be taken and using the right primers and use of the RT-PCR procedure, new viruses, variants and diseases can be invented at will. Everything takes place on computer (in silico) having no bearing with physical reality. This makes it very easy for the faking of pandemics, inducing fear in populations and manipulating thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

1. People of Tawḥīd beware! It is this part of the fraud and pseudoscience of modern virology that provides scope for tremendous deception and for the continued fabrication of imaginary viruses and variants as causes of disease (when the true causes lie elsewhere in diet, lifestyles, habits, exposure to chemicals, emf radiation etc.). Upon this, the disbelievers lead nations and populations to do baseless things such as universal masking of healthy people and disease free healthy people keeping two metres away from each other, and other acts of superstition, harbouring of omens and falsehood that exceed the limits and have no basis in genuine science.
2. In reality, "virus" is a mislabel for what is either the genetic and protein breakdown products that the body is eliminating or microvesicles, proteins and enzymes that function as biological soaps to flush out dead cells, tissues and linings from the body.

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