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WHO-Labelled Mexican 'Bird- Flu' Death Exposes Pandemic Machinery Industrial Complex in Real Time

Monday, Jun 10 2024

Note: These affairs have a connection to the issue of Tawḥīd and its perfection, the issue of superstition, omens, contagion and exaggeration therein, and the affair of the causes, which are part of al-Qadar, and the error and misguidance of the unbelievers therein, through their speculative materialist pseudosciences, and how this may adversely affects creed and conduct.

The faking and manufacturing of pandemics for profit and plunder is an art form with a sophisticated machinery that has been refined over a period of a hundred years at least, and is built upon or is enabled by a flawed, deficient theory of disease which incorporates the fraud and pseudoscience of Darwinian Virology. In this article we provide a real time demonstration of the machinery in action, and being exposed and forced to make a tactical retreat. This also shows how the Covid-19 fraud was enabled and put into motion.

Readers who are familiar with these our past writings on these subject areas will not need any background info. However, for reference once should refer to the following:

It is especially important to read the entry on the RT-PCR test to understand the machinery a little better and to grasp what follows below.

01  On 5 June, the WHO publicised a death in Mexico alleged to be from a "new strain" of Bird Flu.

The WHO has embedded its agents, advisors, as well as centres and diagnostic laboratories into nations. They are used to generate claims of "novel pathogens" as a result of which the machinery can be put into motion, the outcome of which is sales of serums and injections for the financial benefit of its leash-holders.

As for the true and real causes of illnesses, they are ignored and they return to simple infrastructure issues such as lack of clean water, lack of sanitation, lack of proper nutrition, presence of toxicity in water or food supply. The latter being due to heavy industrialisation out of which Western nations benefit and pollution is dumped in local environments, especially in non-developed mineral and resource-rich countries such as in Africa, where there remains a heavy burden of disease due to these reasons. So all of this is ignored, and the illnesses are blamed instead on imaginary, Darwinian viruses which are mental constructs and exist only in silico (on computer), not in physical reality.

02  Immediately the big media arm of the pandemic machinery went into motion, keeping in mind that ownership of big media has been consolidated and benefactors of the pandemic machinery such as Bill Gates, have bought themselves into its control and manipulation:

03  However, the Mexican authorities did not affirm that the death was from the alleged "bird flu virus" and on 7 June, news reports appeared with more details about the death:

This person died from chronic illness which led to septic shock. It had nothing to do with a virus. However, due to the RT-PCR test, this death can be rebranded to any disease label of choice. This is the fraud that drives the illusion of a pandemic. It is similar to claiming that because a person had a pound coin in his pocket during a car-crash, it was the pound coin that was the cause or that he "died with the pound coin". Likewise, the RT-PCR test shows that this person "died with his own genetic material", which is what they are detecting, and then turning it into a make-believe virus through computer software programs that fabricate a genomic sequence having no existence reality. See this analogy developed further in the entry on the RT-PCR test and how it is used to generate fake pandemics.

Mexico’s Health Secretary Denies Death of Resident Due to Bird Flu

Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer on Thursday (June 6) denied an announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that a man’s death in Mexico was caused by a strain of bird flu that had never before been found in a human.

During a morning briefing, Alcocer rebuffed the WHO’s announcement and assured that the 59-year-old man, who was reported to have died from the A(H5N2) strain of avian influenza, “died from other causes, mainly kidney and respiratory failure.”

Alcocer urged people to remain calm and to take the WHO’s announcement with caution because it is "not accurate."

"I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organization is pretty bad, since it speaks of a fatal case (of bird flu), which was not the case," he said.

On Wednesday (June 5), the WHO announced that a resident of Mexico became the world’s first person to die from a bird flu strain not previously detected in humans.

AA Turkish — 7 June 2024

04  The WHO was then forced to clear the air, as the fearmongering and marketing attempt was no longer sustainable, and it would have been damaging and discrediting to continue upon the claim:

Although the situation was not always like this, in the past couple of decades, the WHO has become a corrupt, bought-out institution, owned and directed by its funders and leash-holders. It serves corporate and ideological interests and is used as a vehicle to peddle serums and injections to nations as well as sexual liberation ideologies and collectivist ideals. It works along with the World Bank and the IMF to provide funding arrangements to various nations, to aid in plunging them into debt, so they can be asset-stripped and looted.

Its owners—in order to appear benign and to draw in nations—make sure that token blacks, token Arabs, token Indians, token Orientals etc. are placed in key positions so as to give the appearance of racial equality, "brotherhood of man" and international concern. This functions as a cover, to conceal its true and real objectives. Some African nations have recognised this and accused the WHO of classical western imperialism through the back door due to its policies which are most harmful to developing nations mostly populated by brown and black people.

Recently, in May 2024, the WHO tried to get nations to agree on a number of pandemic initiatives. These included a pandemic treaty and also amendments to the pre-existing International Health Regulations (IHR) which were last updated in 2005.

Due to the pushback over its failures and errors in the Covid-19 Pandemic scam, the treaty failed, and has been pushed forward, and as for the IHR, then some of the amendments were adopted but not all.

Effectively, the WHO is part of a vaccine mafia syndicate trying to impose an arrangement where any nation that provides information to the WHO on emerging pathogens or variants which lead to development of injections, a 20% supply for that nation will be apportioned. However, the vaccine manufactures and their investors profit to the tune of billions from worldwide sales of those injections. Many nations saw this as unfair, and seeing the mouthwatering profits, want a piece of the pie, so they can profit to the tune of billions too. So this was one of the stumbling blocks of the treaty. The WHO is there to enrich its funders, owners and stakeholders, which are private and corporate interests. However, individual nations, especially developing countries, have cottoned on to the fact that there is huge money to be made through intellectual property (genomic sequences). So they want a piece of the pie too. However, the colonialist mindset is averse to this and is thinking quietly to itself, “We can’t allow the negroes, jungle-bunnies of various sorts, coolies, dhotis, dhal-wallas, gringos, camel-herders and others” a share of the riches and spoils we have set up for ourselves.

Despite the failure of the pandemic treaty at this stage, and the incomplete adoption of all proposed amendments to the IHR, the pandemic machinery has been put in motion in relation to the Bird Flu, and mRNA injections are already in production.

As we speak, companies such as Moderna and Pfizer are securing taxpayer funding for their mRNA bird-flu shots, and they will rake in billions. Moderna's share price has increased by 37% as the pandemic machinery was put into motion around two months ago. We are seeing the same process in motion as in 2020, save that this time it is more obvious to a lot more people. Despite this, the masses tend to have short memories, and it remains to be seen how many people fall for it this time.

See also: Bill Gates and the 'Covid-19' Injection 'Pump and Dump' Scam. Gates bought 1.1 Million shares of BioNTech vaccine which later became the Pfizer vaccine. He then sold almost all that stock, 87%, two years later at a $242,000,000 profit. And a week after that he announced the vaccine didn't work as expected and in essence, that the world needs to go back to the drawing board.

The RT-PCR test will again be used to generate "asymptomatic cases" and used to justify destruction of farming and the meat, poultry and dairy industries, allowing corporations invested into synthetic meat and dairy to thrive and gain monopolies. This is part and parcel of centralisation of the means of production (in this case, food) that is fundamental to Marxist, Collectivist ideology, and which allows enslavement of people.

As for the “Bird Flu”, then in industrial farming, chickens are placed under stressful conditions, due to what they are being fed, or due to the restrictive and unnatural environment they are placed in. This leads to short-term, emergency healing and detoxification processes to kick in, which we call “flus”, and their severity depends on the severity of the causes. These chickens are then tested by the so-called RT-PCR “tests” which are doing nothing but checking the chickens' own genetic material.

Upon Darwinian Virology pseudoscience, it can then be alleged—through the tests, the types of primers used in the test, the number of cycles the test has been run for, and the use of computer software to fabricate (invent) genomic sequences—that a new “variant” has been detected which is causing the illness. All of this is false and deceptive. The birds have been made ill by obvious causes, not by an imaginary, non-existent mutating Darwinian virus. It is the bird's own genetic material, proteins and microvesicles that are being detected, and they are being expelled from the system as a response to the impaired biochemistry that resulted in them, and that impaired biochemistry itself was caused by surroundings, the environment and the feed (and any injections, drugs) given to to them.

Sadly, under false pretenses, millions of birds (and other livestock) will be culled, and farmers' livelihoods will be destroyed. Likewise, the claim that the bird flu has spread to humans and that there is alleged human to human transmission, this will be used to repeat the Covid-19 measures (lockdowns, distancing, masks etc.) except as Allāh wills.

The superstition of contagion resting on Darwinian virology has been weaponised for plunder, profit and pursuit of socioeconomic and political agendas, just as the fraud of carbon dioxide causing global warming has been weaponised for the same objectives.

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