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The Paradox of Judeo-Christian Values and Christian-Zionism 01: ‘Worshipping Only One Jew Is a Mistake’

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Saturday, Nov 18 2023
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Context: Muslims are perplexed at the strange alliance between Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists, and are unable to decipher this conundrum of what appears to be a love-hate relationship. This series presents some of the things that Muslims find baffling hoping that either of the two parties can resolve this for us with a satisfactory explanation.

JUDAISM IS A NOVEL RELIGION that took shape after the era of Dāwūd and Sulaymān (عليهما السلام), after the decline of the Israelite and Judean kingdoms, and it is a religion that features tribalism, nationalism and land-redemption, with overt ethnosupremacism (see image). Its main form today is Rabbinical Judaism, where the Rabbis consider themselves divine and act as divinely-inspired spokesmen for the Jewish people, for the sole benefit of whom, according to Talmudic literature, God created the universe and all that is in it (see image).

Jesus (عليه السلام) was sent to these “lost sheep”, to call them to right guidance and to purify and shield the law of Moses from the Talmudist mindset that had begun to emerge and take shape after the Babylonian captivity. However, he was rejected and seen as a threat to the “national identity”. They divided into two, those who believed in him and those who disbelieved in him.

Those who believed in him also divided into two, those led by James the Just who defended the truth that works are an essential part of faith and one is justified (saved) through both faith and deeds, after the Lord’s grace.[1] And those led by Paul (Saul of Tarsus) who innovated a new religion of blood-sacrifice and redemption and made the law of non-effect in salvation.

Later Rome (Edom) adopted Christianity and carried this innovated religion not known to Jesus (عليه السلام) or his direct and early followers westwards. This new, innovated, evolving “Christianity” was a subversion of the message of Jesus (عليه السلام) and it became a political tool when Rome adopted it as religion, with added paganesque flavour.

Enmity defined the relationship between the Jews and the Christians and this continued through the centuries, where Christian nations (accused “bad borrowers” ) repeatedly expelled the Jews (accused “bad lenders” ) from their countries, and Jewish Rabbis (some of them at least) salivate the destruction of Edom (Christian West) as a prerequisite for the coming of their Messiah, who to the Muslims, is al-Masīḥ al-Dajjāl, the One-Eyed Liar.

In the modern era, the strange sycophantic species known as “Christian Zionists” serve the Zionist cause as they believe it will hasten the return of Jesus, after which they will fight the Jews (and others) and force them to convert. The Zionists in turn prop up these Christian Zionists (while knowing full well that they are insincere and sycophantic) because of their utility in furthering the Zionist cause, while at the same time, their Rabbis believe and state clearly that until and unless Edom (Christian West) is destroyed, their awaited Messiah (al-Dajjāl) will not arrive, and that when their Sanhedrin (Jewish Court) is established, Christians will be convicted and executed for idolatry.

While having kept their real view about Jesus (عليه السلام) hidden or textually encrypted through the centuries, fearing backlash and persecution, today some of the Rabbis (modern-day Pharisees) are very open and explicit.

[Christians], you should be worshipping every single one of us


I just want to say this to our Christian friends, listen, you know, just to call it as it is and say it straight out:

You guys are worshipping one Jew, that’s a mistake, you should be worshipping every single one of us, because we all die for your sins every single day. And that’s exactly what’s going on here.

We [i.e. the Jews] are all God’s first, but we are dying for your sins right now, because the Jewish people in the Land of Israel are the bulwark against the Orks. The Orks are coming not to a theatre near you, but to your home.


01  Jew-worship. In a previous article we presented videos from Rabbis claiming that every Jew is a piece of God, and that though the Christians worshipped, according to them, one Jew (i.e. Jesus), the reality is that every Jew needs to be worshipped, and this "reality" will become apparent, and in effect, when their Messiah comes. At that point, everyone will want to worship a Jew, and will rush to do so.

Jesus (عليه السلام) was not a Jew and did not know of any religion called “Judaism”. Rather, he was a Servant and Messenger of Allāh, who was not proud. He was humble, in submission to his Lord and was given from the Book and was made a Prophet (19:30-). He invited the Israelites and the Judeans to return to the way of Moses (عليه السلام) and rebuked them for their adulteration of the Law and for their iniquities.

02  Worship all Jews for Redemption. The brave Rabbi pulls no punches and calls it as it is, arguing to the Christian—with the full force of his holiness—that since you are worshipping one Jew who died for your sins (allegedly), then you should be worshipping all Jews, as the Jews continue to die for the sins (of the Christians) every day, in other words, Jews are redeemers for Christians, Christians just need to extend their worship to all Jews to be in full receipt of divine favour.

Islamically, anyone who calls to his own worship is a ṭāghūt (false diety, one who exceeds the limits) and this is the Islamic judgement upon this Rabbi, he is a ṭāghūt (false diety), a caller to worship of other than the Lord of Abraham, Moses and Jesus (عليه السلام), a caller to idolatry. Any attachment to "monotheism" remains nothing but a pretense.

When some among men call others to worship, venerate, glorify and adore them, leading some to become lords over others, this is the foundation of subjugation and tyranny and of various forms of injustice. All men (in the constitution of their body and soul) are equals before their Lord. They are born equal, and they vary only in the soundness and veracity of faith and righteous deeds. Their variation in color of skin and language, and the proliferation of nations and tribes is simply a sign among the signs of the Creator and does not comprise any inherent virtue (30:22-) (49:13-).

The soul which is breathed into every child in the womb, is the same soul, it is a creation from the creations of Allāh, and every child is born upon an original, innate disposition (fiṭrah), inclining it to truth, and to gratitude to its Maker. From here, in the absence of contrary teaching and indoctrination, it remains upon this original disposition, and thereby follows the way of the Prophets and Messengers, which is Islām (humility, submission and gratitude to its Maker).

The message of all of the Prophets and Messengers was to single out Allāh in worship and to shun all false deities, and this is the universal justice from which all other manifestations of justice arise, which put an end to racism, tyranny, oppression, exploitation and so on. See: (16:36-) (21:25-).

03  Worship Jews for Protection. The Rabbi makes a coded reference to Muslims, when he says “Orks”. An ork (or “orc”) is a fictional, evil humanoid character, a monster. He claims that the Jewish people in the Land of Israel is a bulwark (a barrier, protection) for the Christian West (Edom) against the Orks, who are not just in movie theatres, but coming to a home near you, soon.

He means the immigrants and refugees coming from countries (such as Iraq) in which the Jewish neo-conservatives launched invasions and wars using American military might, causing huge loss of life, suffering, destruction of infrastructure and livelihood, leading to forced mass-immigration into Western lands.

04  In short, Christians need to worship Jews who are dying for their sins in order to be protected from Muslim goblins who are invading their lands. Since you Christians are already worshipping one Jew, its not a large step for you to worship all Jews, and since Muslims do not worship any Jew at all, then they are evil and be warned, they are coming for you!

This is the reality of the racist, supremacist ideology being spouted by this deluded arrogant Rabbi who as he may have realised in his good old age, has to eat, drink, urinate and defecate like all other people, there being nothing in his constitution (whether in body or soul) that makes him any more special than the rest of mankind.

What connection does this innovated religion as espoused by this Rabbi have with the religion of Abraham and Moses (عليهما السلام)?

1. Refer to the Epistle of James in the New Testament.

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