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The Paradox of Judeo-Christian Values and Christian-Zionism 02: Jesus in the Talmud and the Doctrine of Redemption for Sin

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Thursday, Nov 23 2023
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Context: Muslims are perplexed at the strange alliance between Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists, and are unable to decipher this conundrum of what appears to be a love-hate relationship. This series presents some of the things that Muslims find baffling hoping that either of the two parties can resolve this for us with a satisfactory explanation.

JUDAISM IS A NOVEL RELIGION that took shape after the era of Dāwūd and Sulaymān (عليهما السلام), after the decline of the Israelite and Judean kingdoms, and it is a religion that features tribalism, nationalism and land-redemption, with overt ethnosupremacism (see image). Its main form today is Rabbinical Judaism, where the Rabbis consider themselves divine and act as divinely-inspired spokesmen for the Jewish people, for the sole benefit of whom, according to Talmudic literature, God created the universe and all that is in it (see image).

Jesus (عليه السلام) was sent to these “lost sheep”, to call them to right guidance and to purify and shield the law of Moses from the Talmudist mindset that had begun to emerge and take shape after the Babylonian captivity. However, he was rejected and seen as a threat to the “national identity”. They divided into two, those who believed in him and those who disbelieved in him.

Those who believed in him also divided into two, those led by James the Just who defended the truth that works are an essential part of faith and one is justified (saved) through both faith and deeds, after the Lord’s grace.[1] And those led by Paul (Saul of Tarsus) who innovated a new religion of blood-sacrifice and redemption and made the law of non-effect in salvation.

Later Rome (Edom) adopted Christianity and carried this innovated religion not known to Jesus (عليه السلام) or his direct and early followers westwards. This new, innovated, evolving “Christianity” was a subversion of the message of Jesus (عليه السلام) and it became a political tool when Rome adopted it as religion, with added paganesque flavour.

Enmity defined the relationship between the Jews and the Christians and this continued through the centuries, where Christian nations (accused “bad borrowers” ) repeatedly expelled the Jews (accused “bad lenders” ) from their countries, and Jewish Rabbis (some of them at least) salivate the destruction of Edom (Christian West) as a prerequisite for the coming of their Messiah, who to the Muslims, is al-Masīḥ al-Dajjāl, the One-Eyed Liar.

In the modern era, the strange sycophantic species known as “Christian Zionists” serve the Zionist cause as they believe it will hasten the return of Jesus, after which they will fight the Jews (and others) and force them to convert. The Zionists in turn prop up these Christian Zionists (while knowing full well that they are insincere and sycophantic) because of their utility in furthering the Zionist cause, while at the same time, their Rabbis believe and state clearly that until and unless Edom (Christian West) is destroyed, their awaited Messiah (al-Dajjāl) will not arrive, and that when their Sanhedrin (Jewish Court) is established, Christians will be convicted and executed for idolatry.

While having kept their real view about Jesus (عليه السلام) hidden or textually encrypted through the centuries, fearing backlash and persecution, today some of the Rabbis (modern-day Pharisees) are very open and explicit.

Rabbi on Jesus in the Talmud


The Talmud says that the founder of Christianity has been sentenced to boil in feces! A pile of boiling feces! Excrement from the bowels of humans, cats, dogs, lions and tigers! Boiling and bubbling feces!

This is where he is right now. That’s how he’s punished, every waking moment! That’s the Talmud! You forgot to mention that huh?!

All their churches and all their crosses, the big statue on that mountain in Brazil, blown to smithereens, all the world will see it! They’ll all see it.

The big lie will be exposed! The Christian lie will be exposed! According to them, God can take everybody’s sins on his broad shoulders. Of everybody! He’ll cover all their transgressions! As if nothing happened, you’ll all get into heaven!

What idiocy! How retarded can a person be? How thick in the head is that? How idiotic and retarded? I’ve no other words to describe such a person who believes this nonsense.

Comments and Notes

The Muslim position on the above is summarised with the following:

01  This is a deeply offensive, vile, hate-filled rant, bubbling with Talmudic vengeance and language of defilement,[2] and it can only be met with the following, in accordance with the same right to free speech with which the Rabbi expressed what he expressed:

May continuous and consecutive curses be upon those who denigrate the noble Prophet and Messenger Jesus (عليه السلام), and may continuous and consecutive curses be upon those who denigrate and slander his chaste and righteous mother, Maryam (عليه السلام).

Jesus (عليه السلام) and his mother (عليه السلام) are exonerated in the life of this world—through the revelation of the Qurʾān which established the truth regarding Jesus and his mother—and they are honoured in the next.

Indeed, may the curses of Allāh, the Lord of Abraham (عليه السلام), Moses (عليه السلام) and Jesus (عليه السلام) be upon those who lie.

02  Jesus (عليه السلام), the Messiah of Truth, was humble and was not arrogant in worshipping Allāh, His Lord and the Lord of Mankind (4:172-), and nor did he call anyone to worship him and his mother alongside Allāh (5:116-). He was a Muslim, one who worshipped and submitted to Allāh, and he was neither a Jew in religion, nor a Christian, as these are not names of true religion.

These titles are person or tribe-restricted titles, whereas “Islām”—submission in worship and humble, loving obedience—is a description of the reality of the relationship between Allāh, the Creator, and His servants, whom He created as equals. This is both a creational reality—in that the whole universe is under his control and regulation and thus submits to Him, willingly or unwillingly, being bound by the physical laws and constraints of creation, and a legislative reality, which is that He alone is worthy of worship and obedience through observance of law. Hence, true religion only has one name and it is “Islām”.

03  However, the Christians deified Jesus (عليه السلام) and turned him into a god alongside Allāh, or they claimed he is God incarnate, and worshipped him. They followed Pauline teachings, made the law of non-effect and claimed salvation lies only in blood-redemption. So the Jews further justified their rejection of Jesus (عليه السلام), whom they ought to have believed in, and vilified the Christians for their misguidance in these affairs. Both of these parties erred from truth and from authentic revelation.

04  The reality of Jesus (عليه السلام) is as he described himself. A humble servant of Allāh, bestowed with prophethood, devoted to prayer and charity, righteous to his mother, a caller and teacher to goodness. This is the undisputed, historical word of truth and as for all other claims—whether those of the Jews or Christians—they are all conjectures, doubts, lies and fabrications. Hence, their disputes with each other on this issue. Thus, some of them say Jesus is Allāh, others say he is the son of Allāh, others say he is the third of three, and all of these are lies. Similarly, what the Jews accused him and his mother of are all calumnies, fabrications.

In the Qurʾān, Allāh refutes the Christians by stating that it is not befitting for Him to take a son (19:92-) as this is from the impossible affairs. He is free of all needs (al-Ghaniyy), worthy of all praise (al-Ḥamīd), the owner and master (al-Mālik) of everything. Thus, He does not take a son from His servants, He is sublime and glorified above that. But whenever He desires an affair [such as the conception of a child without male intervention], then He simply says “Be!” and it is (19:35-). Then Jesus informed his people that Allāh is his Lord and their Lord (Rabb) and thus, only He should be worshipped alone, since the two affairs are binding (3:51-). Whoever affirms Allāh is his Lord—the one who creates, owns, provides, sustains, gives and takes life, heals, guides, misguides and so on—then it is binding upon him to single out Allāh in worship. This is the straight path, the path that all the previous Prophets and Messengers called to, and it is the only path that leads to Allāh and to His mercy and forgiveness.

05 As for the doctrine of blood-sacrifice and redemption, then this is from the fabrications of Paul (Saul) and it is as if this was an intended and deliberate corruption of the message of Jesus (عليه السلام), to promote to Pagan nations such as the Greeks and Romans. Paul was a heretic and was opposed by the disciples of Jesus (عليه السلام) such as James. In the Epistle of James,[3] in the New Testament, there is a refutation of the Pauline doctrine, in which James establishes that righteous works are essential to faith and salvation. And this is what is known to the Muslims and what is said by them, that faith, is belief, speech and deed, and that works are essential to faith and to salvation, after Allāh's grace and mercy.

1. Refer to the Epistle of James in the New Testament.
2. This is not necessarily the view and conviction of every Jew, hence, this critique and response is directed to this Rabbi and whoever speaks with his speech from among the Jews.
3. See the second Epistle of James where he produces arguments that are identical to those which Muslim scholars used when the same idea (Irjāʾ, expulsion of deeds from faith) appeared among the Muslims.

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