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The Paradox of Judeo-Christian Values and Christian-Zionism 03: Sanhedrin-Sanctioned ‘Godly Execution’ of Christian Idolators

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Tuesday, Nov 28 2023
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Context: Muslims are perplexed at the strange alliance between Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists, and are unable to decipher this conundrum of what appears to be a love-hate relationship. This series presents some of the things that Muslims find baffling hoping that either of the two parties can resolve this for us with a satisfactory explanation.

JUDAISM IS A NOVEL RELIGION that took shape after the era of Dāwūd and Sulaymān (عليهما السلام), after the decline of the Israelite and Judean kingdoms, and it is a religion that features tribalism, nationalism and land-redemption, with overt ethnosupremacism (see image). Its main form today is Rabbinical Judaism, where the Rabbis consider themselves divine and act as divinely-inspired spokesmen for the Jewish people, for the sole benefit of whom, according to Talmudic literature, God created the universe and all that is in it (see image).

Jesus (عليه السلام) was sent to these “lost sheep”, to call them to right guidance and to purify and shield the law of Moses from the Talmudist mindset that had begun to emerge and take shape after the Babylonian captivity. However, he was rejected and seen as a threat to the “national identity”. They divided into two, those who believed in him and those who disbelieved in him.

Those who believed in him also divided into two, those led by James the Just who defended the truth that works are an essential part of faith and one is justified (saved) through both faith and deeds, after the Lord’s grace.[1] And those led by Paul (Saul of Tarsus) who innovated a new religion of blood-sacrifice and redemption and made the law of non-effect in salvation.

Later Rome (Edom) adopted Christianity and carried this innovated religion not known to Jesus (عليه السلام) or his direct and early followers westwards. This new, innovated, evolving “Christianity” was a subversion of the message of Jesus (عليه السلام) and it became a political tool when Rome adopted it as religion, with added paganesque flavour.

Enmity defined the relationship between the Jews and the Christians and this continued through the centuries, where Christian nations (accused “bad borrowers” ) repeatedly expelled the Jews (accused “bad lenders” ) from their countries, and Jewish Rabbis (some of them at least) salivate the destruction of Edom (Christian West) as a prerequisite for the coming of their Messiah, who to the Muslims, is al-Masīḥ al-Dajjāl, the One-Eyed Liar.

In the modern era, the strange sycophantic species known as “Christian Zionists” serve the Zionist cause as they believe it will hasten the return of Jesus, after which they will fight the Jews (and others) and force them to convert. The Zionists in turn prop up these Christian Zionists (while knowing full well that they are insincere and sycophantic) because of their utility in furthering the Zionist cause, while at the same time, their Rabbis believe and state clearly that until and unless Edom (Christian West) is destroyed, their awaited Messiah (al-Dajjāl) will not arrive, and that when their Sanhedrin (Jewish Court) is established, Christians will be convicted and executed for idolatry.

While having kept their real view about Jesus (عليه السلام) hidden or textually encrypted through the centuries, fearing backlash and persecution, today some of the Rabbis (modern-day Pharisees) are very open and explicit.

Naive Christian Gets Rude Awakening: “The Godly Thing To Do Is To Kill You”

In this video some Christians are preaching about Jesus on the street to Jews, (presumably in Jerusalem). While there is some commotion and police officers are present, a conversation takes place between one of the Christians and a Jewish ethnosupremacist.

We haven't embedded the video, just a screenshot, view the video here.

Arguing about free speech with the Christian, the Jewish ethnosupremacist says, “You are in my country… You are not in the United States, you are in Israel, you cannot say whatever you want here.” The Christian says its legal to preach about Jesus (in Israel) and asks the Jew, “Do you want to honour God? That is the godly thing to do…”

Here the Jew gives the naive Christian a rude awakening:

The godly thing to do is to kill you.

The Christian, surprised, asks, "The godly thing to do is to kill me?" To which the Jew says:

That's right, that's what the Torah says.

The Christian again asks, "The Torah says to kill us?" To which the Jew says:

The Torah says that people who worship idols such as yourself, when there is a Sanhedrin…

Then he nods his head (indicating that you are killed) and the Christian, getting the hint) completes the sentence, “… to kill us?

To which the Jew replies:

Yes, that’s what the Torah says.

The Christian then says: “OK, so we know how the Jewish people feel about the Christians… you discriminate against Christians.”

And the Jew replies;

The Torah says Christians are idol-worshippers, Christianity is idol-worship.

Comments and Notes

01  The Talmudic, Pharisaic Jews assert they are monotheists and are the preservers and keepers of monotheism, despite following an altered, abrogated religion in which they claim to have a divine character, and worship themselves (or call others to worship them) as gods on earth around whom the whole universe revolves, as explicitly stated on their tongues and in their books. They consider themselves "pieces of god on earth" and “the eternal people”, which are lies as they are just like the rest of mankind, all of whom are creatures and servants of their Lord and Creator, obligated to worship Him through obedience to His Prophets and Messengers, through any standing, current, present, unabrogated revelation.

They also claim that no one can know God and reach Him except through the Jewish people, another fabrication and lie. For there was Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac (عليهم السلام), and Messengers before them and there was no such things as a “Jew” or “Jewish people” or “Judaism”. While they, the Israelites in general were covenanted (of which the Judahites are only a small subset), they broke that covenant and the favour was lifted from them.

Further, the Lord of all Mankind sent Prophets and Messengers to every nation with the call to single Him out in worship (16:36-) (21:25-). No one has any monopoly over “monotheism”, it is true religion, and it is fiṭriyy (natural, innate), every child is born inclined towards truth and in absence of contrary teaching will be upon this religion. Judaism, Christianity and other religions named after a tribe, or a person, or a location are either altered, distorted religion or man-made religion.

02  These Jews treat the Christians as idolators who fall into polytheism because they worship Jesus (عليه السلام), and this is true, for they have made Jesus (عليه السلام) into the Lord of the Worlds and gave him the attributes of the Lord and Creator. And some of them worship the cross, trees, saints and the likes. Christian nations, in their naivety, do not realise that they are following a subversion of the original message of Jesus (عليه السلام).

03  The Jew tells the Christian that when there is a Sanhedrin (Jewish Court) established, Christians will be tried and executed for idolatry. As other Jewish Rabbis explain, this is unless they convert to a Noahide religion, which is monotheism and some basic commandments. It is a basic religion for the devolved gentiles, while these particular Jews, because of their self-claimed inherent divinity and superiority, according to them, have the Torah, which only they have the status to possess and observe, because of special genes. Thus, convert to a lesser, yet acceptable, religion, serve the Jews, or be executed, is the essence of what these particular Jews say. This is not necessarily the view of every Jew.

Where are the notorious Islam-haters Robert Spencer and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) when you need them? Or are they too busy justifying and shielding genocide and ethnic-cleansing of Palestinian Muslims (and Christians)? Who knows...

04  Judaism and Christianity are altered, abrogated religions, and within their books are announcements of a Prophet to come, a Prophet in Arabia, from the place where Abraham built a house for Allāh’s worship. The Qurʾān established truths regarding Abraham, Moses and the Law, explained the errors of the Israelites, Jews and Christians, and clarified the points of dispute between them. In the 7th century CE, the Jews had been dispersed and became a fringe cult, and the Christians were plagued with infighting, butchering each other on sectarian grounds, in utter confusion about the reality and nature of Jesus, a process started by Paul’s subversion of the message of Jesus.

05  Under Islamic law, the Israelites, Jews and Christians are considered “People of the Book” and they are given a special status. Contrary to the position held by these Jews, that Christians will be executed as idolators and not allowed to remain upon their religion, in Islām, the Christians can accept Islam when invited, or choose to live under Islāmic rule where they are guaranteed protection and the right to practice their religion and live by their own laws among themselves.

06  This is from the mercy and justice of Islām, as it affords them, the Israelites, Jews and Christians the opportunity to learn about Islām and to observe the Muslims in their worship, devotion and practice as a route to recognise and accept the truth. Thus, whereas Pharisaic Judaism is an ethnocentric supremacist ideology and is not really concerned about preaching and converting others, Islām is the natural, innate, original religion of all of mankind, does not have a concept of favoured races and genes, and Muslims are commanded to invite mankind through wisdom, good admonition and good argument, so that they can come to mercy and forgiveness.

07  To this end—and contrary to Islam-hating barking hounds—there are no genocidal commands for Muslims to follow, and nor any ethno-supremacist ideologies through which they look down upon people of other races and ethnicities.

08  As for Jihād then it is either to defend from aggression and invasion or it is to protect the instrument of preaching (at the level of the state). When arms and violence are used to prevent the message of Islām from reaching people, from preventing people from being delivered from enslavement to idolatry, usury, immorality and various other nation-destroyers, then at the state level, Jihād is made, under the leadership of a ruler, to remove these obstacles. It is openly announced, fought honourably and only combatants are fought, whereas non-combatant civilians, women, children, priests, monks, the elderly, terminally ill are left alone, indicating, as Muslim scholars have made clear, that this fighting and killing is in response to aggression, not in retalition for disbelief, contrary to the lies of Islām-hating loons. This contrasts with what is said by some Rabbis and what we see in the video clip earlier, that Christians are executed in retaliation merely for their unbelief and idolatry, not because of aggression and waging war.

1. Refer to the Epistle of James in the New Testament.

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