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Shaykh al-Fawzān’s Advice Regarding the Palestinians (2002)

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Translated April 2002
Filed under Contemporary Issues

The Noble Shaykh was asked about the position of a Muslim concerning what is happening now to our brothers in Palestine, with respect to supplication, giving wealth or making Jihād with them.[1]

So he replied:

It is obligatory upon the Muslims to make supplication for their Muslim brothers and to assist them with wealth. To assist them with wealth and supplication, this is what is obligatory, and this is what will benefit them.

Then the Shaykh was asked, “May Allāh be benevolent to you. And this questioner says, “What is the ruling pertaining to demonstrations, and are they considered to be from Jihād in the path of Allāh?”

So he replied:

There is no benefit in demonstrations. Rather they are confusion. They are from confusion, disorder. And what harm will be done to the enemy if the people demonstrate a street amongst the streets and raise their tongues?!

Rather, this is from the matters on account of which the enemy actually rejoices, and so he says that he has harmed them and cause damage to them, so the enemy rejoices with this.

Islām is a religion of sanctity, and religion of tranquility, a religion based upon knowledge, it is not a religion of confusion and noise. It is a religion that aims to bring about tranquility and sanctity, alongside the working of beneficial and praiseworthy deeds, such as aiding the Muslims and supplicating for them, and providing them with wealth and weapons.

This is praiseworthy, and also arguing for their case with the nations, so that the oppression can be raised from them. And that the nations are asked, those who claim democracy for themselves, they should be asked to give those Muslims their right, and the right of a human is what they themselves boast about!

However, in their view the human is the disbeliever, and as for the Muslim in their view, he is not a human but a terrorist. They call the Muslims “terrorists”. And the disbeliever is the one who has rights, in their view!

So it us upon the Muslims to traverse upon the manhaj of Islām in the likes of these affairs and other than them. Islām did not come with demonstrations and clangor, and raising of the voices, or destruction of the state properties, or transgression.

All of this is not from Islām, it does not benefit, rather this harms the Muslims and does not harm the enemy. This harms the Muslims and does not harm their enemies. Rather their enemies rejoice with this, and he says, “I have affected them, I have made them angry, and I have affected them.”


01  There are two levels, the first is the state level, that of Muslim nations and governments and they have their sphere of activity on the international stage, and they make decisions about war, peace, truces, treaties, diplomacy and the likes. Where needed, Muslims can advise their governments in the legislated way, but must not resort to protests and the likes, causing more chaos and instability.

The second is the individual. He can make supplication and offer wealth for purposes of relief, but only through legitimate channels, ensuring that funds are not given to extremist organisations who commit acts of terrorism and do what goes beyond the limits of the Sharīʿah.

02  People marching on the streets, demonstrating, shouting and screaming, all of this pleases the enemies, as they can see that Muslims are engaged in fruitless activities and are acting upon raw emotion.

03  Many of the elites of the people of disbelief who have hijacked so-called democracy against their populations (and who do not represent their populations) do not consider Muslims as humans but as terrorists, or pests who are living on resourceful land which they wish to usurp, with the belief that they have a right to do so through various ideological and philosophical considerations.

1. From his lesson on the night of the 2nd/Safar/1423H (15 April 2002), in his open meeting after Maghrib prayer, and also broadcast on Paltalk. This was translated from the live lecture at the time.

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