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Covid Criminal: Christian Drosten and His Fraudulent PCR Test

Friday, Feb 02 2024

The Covid-19 Pandemic—the greatest medical and financial scam in world history—was built on a fraudulent so-called "test" using a procedure invented by Kary Mullis (d. 2019) known as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The inventor denied that the "test" has any meaningful diagnostic value, because it can be used to detect and claim anything.

In reality, all that is happening is a person's own DNA fragments are being detected, and then, upon the fraud and pseudoscience of virology any person, whether sick or not, can be accused of having an illness of any name, based on the invention of a novel virus, which exists only in the imagination.

Christian Drosten is a key player, and he committed the fraud for the alleged PCR test that allowed the pandemic machinery to be put into motion. The piece below regarding this criminal is from Dr. Simon Goddek.

This is Christian Drosten, who is responsible for the Covid PCR protocol that bypassed the peer review process. There most likely wouldn't have been any pandemic if he hadn't committed scientific fraud. The irony is that he now appears to be advocating for the restriction of scientific freedom in favor of health policy, a notion that's completely unconstitutional.

During a discussion at the "World Health Summit" in October, Drosten emphasized the rise in misinformation online, especially during the COVID-19 'pandemic', and urged media and fellow scientists to correct false information. He suggested that scientific institutions should select and spotlight individuals who are 'true experts' in their fields to combat misinformation.

The concern arises as to who gets to decide who these "true experts" are. Is Drosten volunteering himself for this role? His past statements might suggest so. Drosten, in a previous interview, implied that Germany didn't make many mistakes in handling the pandemic, a claim that was later proven incorrect as the following examples show:

  • Drosten continuously warned on Twitter from March 2020 to May 2022 about the potential collapse of intensive care units, higher waves of infections, and rising death tolls. By Spring 2023, most of his claims were disproven.
  • Drosten had heavily criticized Sweden's approach, predicting it would lead to more deaths; a forecast that didn't hold true and which he never corrected.
  • Drosten claimed that masks would not work until the beginning of 2020, to make a 180-degree turn stating that masks would be highly efficient.
  • Drosten publicly attacked Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff for opposing strict Covid measures. It eventually turned out that Drosten’s approach destroyed hundreds of millions of livelihoods all over the world.
  • Drosten stated that Africa will suffer a lot and bodies will pile on the streets if they are not getting vaccines. Contrary to highly vaccinated countries, there is no excess mortality in Africa.

The problem is that Drosten's idea to limit scientific freedom in favor of health policy is a direct contradiction to the essence of science, which thrives on diverse perspectives and freedom of expression. It's time for the rule of law to intervene and initiate several proceedings against this dangerous man, who is still involved in gain-of-function experiments. The allegations include:

  • Member of an international conspiracy to fake a pandemic with the help of a PCR test protocol co-developed by Drosten.
  • Complicity in scientific fraud by skipping the peer review process.
  • Possible financial enrichment through PCR tests produced by his buddy Olfert Landt.
  • Terrifying society by instilling fear instead of calming the public.
  • Denunciation of scientists who did not share his opinion.

In summary, the continued celebration of this person is scandalous. I even go so far as to claim and say that there would have been no pandemic without Drosten. Without him, his fearmongering, and his fraudulent PCR tests, we probably wouldn't have noticed a pandemic and the year 2020 would have gone down in the history books as a "normal flu year". Instead, half the planet was injected with a dangerous gene therapy, billions of people lost their existence, and millions of people lost their lives due to the measures (fear => increased cortisol levels => premature death) and the gene therapy. And all this just to enforce the Great Reset and enslave humanity.

This would make Drosten as one of humanity's greatest criminals, overshadowing many brutal dictators of the past.

Dr. Simon Goddek — @Goddek

Source: Telegram: World Doctors Alliance
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