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BBC ‘Misrepresented’ Covid Risk to Boost Lockdown Support, Inquiry Told

Thursday, Jan 25 2024

The lies, exaggerations and deceptions behind the Covid-19 Pandemic fraud are unravelling thick and fast. Right at the very start of the manufactured, hyped pandemic—[in which flu, pneumonia and other illnesses were rebranded to Covid-19 through PCR test fraud, and sick people were put on Covid treatment pathways (midazolam, remdesivir and ventilation) hastening the deaths of both old and young]—health spokesmen made clear that the risk was absolutely minimal except for the very old and chronically sick.

UK Health Chief, Chris Whitty explaining the risk and severity of Covid-19 around April 2020[1]

Here is some reporting from the Telegraph from the current Covid Inquiry being held. The BBC—in collusion with big finance, big tech and big pharma—deliberately exaggerated the risk to create a climate of fear and to enable disastrous and destructive lockdowns. None of this was a mistake, or an oversight. It was deliberate and intended, and this is how the Western nations, taking the lead with this hype, fearmongering and propaganda, managed to convince the rest of the nations to follow suit in implementing harmful policies.

The BBC was allowed to “misrepresent” the risk posed by Covid to most people to boost public support for lockdown, Prof Mark Woolhouse said at the Covid Inquiry.

"The eminent epidemiologist and government adviser, lambasted the corporation for having “repeatedly reported rare deaths or illnesses among healthy adults as if they were the norm”.

"Prof Woolhouse told the inquiry the BBC did not correct its reporting, saying: “I suspect this misinformation was allowed to stand throughout 2020 because it provided a justification for locking down the entire population.”

He said this created the “misleading impression” among BBC News viewers at the start of the pandemic that “we are all at risk” and “the virus does not discriminate”.

In reality, he said it was known at the time that the risk of dying from Covid was 10,000 times higher in the over-75s than the under-15s.

Prof Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, was an adviser to the Scottish Government during the pandemic, although his submission said his advice was often not heeded by Nicola Sturgeon.

He also sat on the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, which was another sub-group of Sage.

Prof Woolhouse said the public was “not given accurate information” about Covid in the early stages of the pandemic.

“Some media sources - notably the BBC television news - did repeatedly misrepresent the risk posed by Covid,” he said.

“One example is that they gave the impression that hospitals were being overwhelmed during the first wave. Some (mainly in London) were, but overall hospital bed occupancy was at an all-time low during that period.

“A second example is that they routinely reported deaths of healthy young adults, thereby giving the impression that these were common. In reality, such deaths were extremely rare; the great majority of Covid deaths occurred in the elderly, frail and infirm.”

He concluded: “Possibly, this kind of coverage was an attempt to back up government public health messaging; for example, the hugely misleading claim that ‘we are all at risk’.”

The BBC was approached for comment.

Telegraph — 25 January 2024

1. Basically, only a small proportion will become “infected” and of those, a signifant number will have no symptoms. And of those that do have symptoms, the disease will be moderate in 80% of cases. A minority will go to hospital, the great majority of whom survive, and a small minority of that minority will need ventilation.

Source: Telegraph
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