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Virus Mania is an English translation of the original German "Virus-Wahn". It is an excellent introduction to the pseudoscience of modern virology which is the main modern-day prop for the superstition of viral contagion.

Note: Negation of "pathogenic viruses" or "viral contagion" is not a negation of illness, death and the occurrence of epidemics. It is a negation of these claims having been validated by the scientific method. As for "virus" then this is a mislabel based on misinterpretation of observations. Breakdown materials (genetic debris, proteins) or microvesicles, proteins and enzymes acting as "biological soaps", or communications messengers or transporters involved in the mechanics of flushing dead cells, tissues and linings (and which are consequential to disease and participatory in the restorative process) are mistaken for external disease-causing agents.

This is the original 2007 edition, released a couple of years before the Swine Flu Scam of 2009.

A 3rd English edition was published in 2021 with additional chapters covering both the Swine Flu and Covid-19 viral contagion hoaxes. That is not to say people did not fall ill and die during these "epidemics", of course they did. [1] The issue is what are the real causes behind people falling ill and are the theatrics of Darwinian virology pseudoscience needed to explain that.

Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense
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Note: After all, in religion, we readily accept the fact that there are many sects—such as the Jahmiyyah, Muʿtazilah, Ashāʿirah and others—who think they are upon the truth in certain fields, being convinced of their doctrine by apparent evidences and the presence of scholars among them, yet in reality, they are upon misguidance because they made misinterpretations of what Allāh revealed, alongside use of corrupt reason. If that can happen with respect to what Allāh revealed, then it can also happen, even more so, among the disbelievers with respect to what Allāh created.

Especially, when the theories we are speaking of are inextricably tied to and draw from what are doctrines of kufr, such as Darwinian evolutionary theory, which has been made the basis for all of biology and underpins it entirely.

If you are a pathogenic virus-believer (which is inseparable from Darwinian evolution), having been led to believe in this false theory through prior education, there is no reason why you cannot remove its shackles and embrace a correct interpretation of what Allāh created on account of objective proof, in the same way that an Ashʿarī is able to remove the shackles of kalām theology and embrace a correct interpretation of what Allāh revealed on account of easily attainable objective proof.

When you learn of the history of modern virology, what it is based upon and the sleight of hand trickery that virologists do in laboratories with cell cultures, you will (إن شاء الله) see through this pseudoscience and whatever is built upon it.

1. All that happened was rebranding of existing diseases and conditions (colds, flus, pneumonias) some of which are seasonal in nature. The deaths of many were hastened by drugs and treatment protocols, not the actual disease itself.

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