A Refutation of Darwinian Virology, Its Weaponisation for Plunder and Profit, and Its Use in Promoting Unwarranted Fear and Superstition Which Detract from the Perfection of Tawḥīd

Posted by Abu Iyaad
Written February 2021
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Given that Darwinian Virology is allegedly striking again this autumn and winter (2023), with Covid mutants (variants, scariants) Eris (Greek goddess of chaos), Pirola (vulgar for male anatomy) and Fornax (Roman goddess) allegedly emerging out of the crucible of evolution to outwit and terrorize mankind, this is a reminder to the believer to have some self-respect and dignity and not to continue believing lies when they become obvious and clear.

Shaykh ʿAbd al-Raḥmān bin Nāṣir al-Saʿdī (رحمه الله) said:[1]

So look at their sciences which were not founded upon īmān, rather they were crass, deviated sciences which became a reason for them to oppose the Messengers and for them to remain upon what they are of disbelief and rejecting the truth, so we seek refuge in Allāh from knowledge that does not benefit.

The notion of the external pathogenic Darwinian virus is a mistake in biology and arose out of the attempts of fanatical germ theorists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries—with the money power behind them—to lay down a system of medicine in which all or most diseases are caused by a single agent in a one cause, one germ, one disease, one intervention model, facilitating thereby the endless sales of serums and injections.

The same disease, or cluster of symptoms can be reclassified and renamed over and over again and said to be caused by an endless list of evolving, mutating agents, against which one needs renewable, boostable immunity through never-ending injections in what amounts to an ongoing war between humans and evolving and increasingly sophisticated viruses. Humans must evolve by receiving software upgrades (through serums and injections with synthetic modified RNA) to remain one step ahead of devious, mutating viruses.

A great "survival of the fittest" narrative, wherein man engages in "self-directed evolution" but complete and utter falsehood.

“...the consequences of natural selection, evolution and even the origin of species can be observed in real time. This is true... with regard to the virus that causes COVID-19.”

In this way, the focus can be placed on constant fear of disease from external agents from which one can only be made allegedly immune through ongoing injections, rather than being placed on health and vitality. The latter is an affair of personal responsibility, in the presence of which one is unlikely to succumb to any disease at all, except as Allāh wills.

This is why within this dogma of medicine there is always constant fearmongering and generation of anxiety but very little positivity and next to no speech about how to maintain health and vitality.

Darwinian evolution underpins all of molecular biology, and so-called "viruses" are a foundation in all of that. The word "virus" is a mislabel and pollutes our perception and understanding of what Allāh created, the wisdoms therein, and the manifestations of His Tawḥīd.

Professor John Oxford:[2]

We have just been visited by the third wave of a classical super fit, dominant and very Darwinian pandemic virus. In fact Charles Darwin would find it incredible to view his own theory of survival of the fittest proved before his very eyes in one year.

Pakistani atheist Pervez Hoodbhoy:

The New Coronavirus Has Reminded Us of Our Debt to Darwin... every hope for dealing with today’s rogue virus rests squarely upon Darwin’s 200-year-old discovery of the principle of natural selection.

A piece published by North Carolina State University:[3]

The good news is that the consequences of natural selection, evolution and even the origin of species can be observed in real time. This is true... with regard to the virus that causes COVID-19.

From the greatest of modern-day crass, deviated sciences is the elaborate, sophisticated, technical fraud known as Darwinian Virology, or just Virology, for short (See: Evolution of Virology and What Virologists Do).

Virologists themselves create the effects they claim are caused by the imagined "external pathogenic virus"[4] — see video coverage of measles court case and an article summarising proceedings (pdf). The "exogenous pathogenic virus" is simply an in vitro (test tube, petri dish) and in silico (computer software) creation. It is abstracted into existence out of the by-products of cellular degradation which the experimenter induces through the experimental procedure itself, not by any alleged "pathogenic virus" in an added sample. They create the effect and claim it is the cause.

This sleight-of-hand trickery began to be used from the 1950s after extensive and genuinely scientific, real-life experiments to "transmit" influenza (and other illnesses) from sick to healthy people had failed or were inconclusive.[5]

The word "virus" is a mislabel for either a) cellular degradation products (genetic fragments, proteins) and/or b) proteins (and their prior genetic sequences) that act as a system of biological soaps for flushing the body of unwanted, dead material inclusive of toxins and synthetic materials that found their way into the body and/or c) microvesicles that serve as messenger or transporter vehicles for communication or load transfer, these vesicles can also enclose the contents of dead cells released into the intercellular space.

This means that so-called "viruses" (or the nucleic acid sequences claimed to be from them) are produced by the body itself and are not external, "pathogenic" invaders.

The body is in a state of homeostasis (equilibrium of systems) when in good health. When it departs from that state due to a variety of combined factors and causes, it intelligently coordinates a return to homeostasis.

This is what we experience as “dis-ease”, the symptoms are a response to that deviation from homeostasis. These in-built preprogammed mechanisms can involve bacteria and what are mislabeled as “viruses” as has preceded, but they are consequential to the departure from homeostasis, not its cause.

Today, with better understanding and moving on somewhat from the "external pathogenic virus" model, there is the concept of the "virome" being part of the microbiome, playing an important modulatory role in homeostasis (health) and disease.

The authors of the 2018 Journal of Immunity paper, "The Intestinal Virome and Immunity" Neil and Cadwell, write:[6]

...we can no longer ignore the possibility that they function as components of the microbiome. Like bacteria, the effects that viruses have are critically dependent on their tissue location, microenvironment, and host. These factors will directly influence whether the virus acts beneficially or detrimentally or remains neutral for the host.

And in a 2014 paper in the Cell Journal, "The virome in mammalian physiology":[7]

Virome interactions with the host cannot be encompassed by a monotheistic view of viruses as pathogens...

Evolution of our view of viruses to encompass symbiosis, sometimes mutualistic symbiosis, as well as pathogenesis and virulence has the potential to significantly impact our understanding of our own genetics, health and disease...

The immune system is in dynamic equilibrium with all components of the microbiome, including the virome, in the asymptomatic state. This ‘normal’ state may vary from person to person, or change over time...

Although this newer understanding remains polluted with the concept of Darwinian evolution and the concept and label of the "virus", it is nevertheless a welcome progression in understanding.

The fanatical germ theorists of the late 19th and early 20th century grossly misunderstood bacteria and failed to comprehend that they are janitorial in nature and are consequential and participatory (not causal) to disease states. Today we have the notion of the microbiome playing a fundamental role in health and “immunity”. Allegedly pathogenic bacteria cohabit healthy people without illness, which means they cannot be primary agents of disease, but play different roles depending on their environment.

They tried to do the same with the “virus”, but whereas bacteria are real, observable, living entities, the “virus” is more of a concept and idea resting on misinterpretations of observations fused with neo-Darwinism. Today, we have the notion of the “virome” playing an important role in health and immunity, being part of the microbiome.

If we eliminate these retrospectively erroneous terms and concepts ("viruses", "virome" etc.) from our understanding, all that we have left are components (RNA, proteins, microvesicles) playing roles in complex mechanisms pre-determined by Allāh (عز وجل) to co-ordinate the processing of "dis-ease" states, which in acute forms of illness are nothing but detoxification, healing and regeneration programs which run successfully and without complication for those who maintain good and vital constitution.

The nucleic acid (genetic) sequences (RNA) are nothing but instructions (coding for biological soaps of various types according to tissue type) or messenger molecules which play a role in the execution and whole-body coordination of these programs in which complex real-time communication is needed between various systems.

Thus, we become ill through our actions and inactions, Allāh is the True Healer because He placed these internal strengths and self-healing mechanisms and the physician is just a facilitator.

Exogenous pathogenic Darwinian "viruses" are not required to explain illness, death and epidemics. It is an ideological layer that has been inserted and imposed, leading to a misinterpretation of what is taking place in reality, and it is used to conveniently cover up and ignore the true and real causes of illnesses, which are multifactorial and multicausal.

Rejection of this pseudoscience and the snake-oil serums and injections resting on it is not a rejection of people becoming ill or dying, nor is it a rejection of science or medicine, and nor a rejection of the ways and means.

The series below was written during 2020 and early 2021 during the Covid-19 Scam, the greatest medical and financial fraud in history. Overwhelmingly, seasonal and routine illnesses such as colds, flus, pneumonias (and even other non-respiratory illnesses) were rebranded into "Covid-19" through fraudulent tests which rely upon the RT-PCR technique invented by Kary Mullis (d. 2019).[8]

Through these fraudulent tests, people were not treated with standard treatments for known illnesses but put on "Covid pathway" treatments which involved respiration suppressing drugs (midazolam, remdisivir) and mechanical ventilation. This is what killed large numbers of people especially the old and those suffering from chronic illnesses, and even the young and healthy. This helped created the perception and illusion of a pandemic and was used to instill fear into populations.

The RT-PCR "test" is the foundation of the entire scam. Through careful selection of primers (used for matching sequences in patient samples) and inflating amplification cycles (CT values of over 30) healthy, symptom and disease-free people can be accused of being "infected" (by testing positive for their own genetic material) and illnesses and deaths from other causes can be rebranded to a disease name of choice.

Watch Senator Gerard Rennick raise the issue of primers in the Australian Parliament

This sleight-of-hand trickery allows for endless "pathogenic viruses" to be invented and epidemics (timed to match routine, seasonal occurrence of disease) to be manufactured, with focus on non-specific symptoms which are common to many illnesses, serving as a catch-all umbrella for clinical diagnosis.

The "Covid-19 Pandemic" was manufactured using RT-PCR fraud and enabled the injection of billions of people with dubious mRNA drugs using synthetic modified RNA and toxic lipid nanoparticles.[9]

With collusion between big pharma, big tech, and big media a huge dual propaganda and censorship campaign was launched to instill fear of mutating Darwinian viruses and to create demand for the mRNA injections as the only way to "defeat the virus", end the pandemic and have a "return to normal", while silencing any voices in exposition of these lies and exaggerations about the alleged virus and the snake-oil injections.

You would do well to read about the faking of epidemics to sell serums and injections which have been ongoing for at least a century, here are two examples: Kansas, 1921 and Pittsburgh, 1924. Read the details and you will be astounded at the similarities with what is taking place today. With Covid-19, the faking of epidemics and pandemics has become a sophisticated art form.

The series critiques this Materialist, Darwinian pseudoscience and shows how it can negatively impact the creed and behaviour of a Muslim, illustrating with examples, the laughable exaggerations and absurdities claimed by its proponents.

The series introduction document is the most important part, the rest of the series illustrates through various news reports and headlines, what has been laid down in the introduction.

The Series

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology: Series Introduction
View PDF File
(62 pages)

Quote: Professor John Oxford: “We have just been visited by the third wave of a classical super fit, dominant and very Darwinian pandemic virus. In fact Charles Darwin would find it incredible to view his own theory of survival of the fittest proved before his very eyes in one year.”—2011

This series introduction provides a foundation for understanding the pseudoscience and fraud of Darwinian Virology.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 01: Virus Superpower
View PDF File
(13 pages)

Quote: "Kent variant has developed superpower, UK Covid warning issued as virus evolves.", "Mutant UK variant now has superpower."

In this part, headlines pushing Darwinian pseudoscience and promoting unwarranted fear and superstition through the imaginary pathogenic virus and its amazing superpowers are analysed.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 02: Virus Evolution
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(21 pages)

Quote: "The crucible of evolution... The human immune system, while protecting many of us from serious illness, is also acting as an evolutionary crucible, putting pressure on the virus that selects for mutations that make it bind more effectively to human cells. "

In this part, a refutation of the alleged "devious beauty" of evolution.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 03: Virus Competition
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(18 pages)

Quote: "Stresses and strains, the evolution of Covid is not random... In the genetic diaspora of an epidemic, there is ferocious competition between strains of virus to get to the next victim first. That leads to apparently purposeful outcomes, as if the virus had a mind. One of the things people find hardest to grasp about evolution is that it appears purposeful but the mutations on which it feeds are random."

In this part, a refutation of the ramblings of the insane who inject purpose into the totally random.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 04: Fever Between Expiation of Sins, Purification, Detoxification of the Body and Darwinian Virus Mythology
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(7 pages)

Quote: "The disbelievers, materialists and evolutionists disbelieve in a Creator and strip the creation and its workings from having any connection to the Creator’s Names and Attributes, from having biological meaning and purpose and from having wisdoms that return back to the Creator’s Names and Attributes. "

In this part, the perception of fever and illness in the Sunnah is contrasted with the perception of fever and illness in materialist theories in which the workings of creation are stripped of a Creator.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 05: Virus Extremism, Act as if You've Got It
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(18 pages)

Quote: "Act like you are carrying a dangerous coronavirus mutation - because you might be."

In this part, we look at Darwinian Virology extremism and fearmongering in which people are programmed to believe that they are carriers of imaginary deadly mutations and and encouraged to act upon this false, presumptious belief. This is a call to mental delusion and illness through behavioural psychology. It is not medicine, nor reason, nor common sense.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 06: Virus Devil
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(11 pages)

Quote: "California's coronavirus strain looks increasingly dangerous: The devil is already here."

It is very easy to scare and control people by claiming that there is a constant evolutionary threat from “viruses” which continue to evolve and mutate because of “evolutionary pressures”, acquiring more and more superpowers and abilities along the way. This being an ongoing affair of Darwinian evolution.

In this part, we look at how the "virus" has surpassed all its prior evil and has now become the devil himself.

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 07: Virus Arms Race
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(14 pages)

Quote: "We must start planning for a permanent pandemic. With coronavirus mutations pitted against vaccination in a global arms race, we may never go back to normal."

In this part, we look at how rich and powerful parasites known as "the elites", make mockery of people through their media outlets. We dissect a predictive programming propaganda piece from Bloomberg trying to justify and market a "permanent pandemic."

A Refutation of Darwinian Virology 08: The Formidable Foe Outwitting Mankind
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(10 pages)

Quote: "NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard says the Delta variant of COVID-19 is a “formidable foe” capable of counterattacking the government’s public health orders. No matter what defensive steps we are taking at the moment, the virus seems to understand how to counterattack in different locations."

In this part we continue looking at statements of people living in the Dark Ages of centuries bygone, characterised by superstition, make-believe, and gross exaggeration.

Since 2021 when this series was written, the people of disbelief have continued their narrative of superstition and make-believe using Darwinian Virology pseudoscience.

Close to a hundred years ago in 1935, when germ-theory based faked epidemics were being exposed, it was aptly remarked:[10]

One may not reasonably claim that three or four faked epidemics prove all health officials knaves [i.e. dishonest]; but they are quite sufficient to show that under "the system" of complete, absolute and irresponsible control of public health service by one school of healing, the foregoing cited instances [i.e. of faked epidemics in New York City, Kansas, Pittsburgh during the 1920s] may be multiplied indefinitely, and the public be none the wiser.

The factors are all present which make such exploitation of the public health and the public purse possible, whenever a medical health officer may be found who is sufficiently corrupt or sufficiently fanatical, to set the machinery in motion for their accomplishment.

What has been indicated in the above quote continued over the decades for the rest of the 20th century until we reach the era of AIDS (HIV), Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and lately, Covid-19, when this fakery went international. It has now become an art form.

For in-depth details on these scams, refer to the excellent work, Virus Mania.

When only one theory of disease is allowed, and when there is sufficient fanaticism for that theory or idea, and when there is corruption, then nations and populations can be exploited in the name of "public health" if there is a machinery in place to facilitate it.

The "machinery" mentioned in the above quote has advanced to such a degree, on an international scale, that it is becoming next to impossible for anyone to escape it. What was pulled off at the city level in the 1920s, began to be pulled off at the international scale in the late 20th century. The scam has now been perfected with Covid-19, where full institutional and regulatory capture by corporations and private interests has been achieved, allowing the machinery to be put in motion worldwide.

The WHO which is 80% funded by private and specialists interests—after having watered down the definition of a “pandemic”—can announce a PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) and the entire machinery is thereby greased and ready to roll, with a saviour vaccine always on the horizon. See Swine Flu Scam of 2009.

See also: Bill Gates and the 'Covid-19' Injection 'Pump and Dump' Scam. Gates bought 1.1 Million shares of BioNTech vaccine which later became the Pfizer vaccine. He then sold almost all that stock, 87%, two years later at a $242,000,000 profit. And a week after that he announced the vaccine didn't work as expected and in essence, that the world needs to go back to the drawing board.

No doubt, these developments comprise a great trial, we ask Allāh for aid.

In conclusion, the above illustrations of virus credo and dogma are only a small sample from hundreds that could be given to show how these people use false ideologies, fake theories and fraudulent science to empty purses, control behaviours and pursue agendas through the promotion of unwarranted fear and anxiety.

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